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Opening Ceremony of Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Company News
Chen Yuan
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/02/02 13:26
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On January 28, the grand opening ceremony of Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was solemnly held in Jiangning Development Zone, Nanjing. Zhang Huiqi, the director of the management committee of Jiangning Development Zone in Nanjing, Chen Xuehua, the board chairman of Huayou Grou Watanuki Tatsuya, the CEO of Toyota-tsusho Nexty Electronics, Xu Erman, the deputy secretary general of China EV100, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and devliered speeches. 


Zhang Huiqi extended warm congratulations in the opening ceremony of Huayou Energy Technology on behalf of Jiangning Development Zone. Zhang Huiqi stated in the speech that, Jiangning Development Zone is rapidly transforming from an automobile manufacturing base to an automobile technology base under the guidance of the new four-level orientation, which is "electrification, intellectualization, networking and sharing". Zhang Huiqi was excited to witness the strong association between Huayou Cobalt, which is the top enterprise with the largest cobalt product scale in the world, and Toyota-tsusho, which is a key organization under Toyota and a world Top 500 enterprise. It is believed that the association will promote the cultivation and development of the new-energy automobile industry chain in the development zone. Zhang Huiqi anticipated that Huayou Cobalt and Toyota-tsusho may deploy more advantageous resources and high-quality projects to the development zone and continuously expand the business scale in Jiangning, and Jiangning Development Zone will at all times provide favorable services to the joint venture and support the  development and expansation of the joint venture in the development Zone. 


"Build Together and Win the Future Together, is the steadfast development concept upheld by Huayou," stated by Chen Xuehua, the board chairman. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marks that Huayou has completed the development of all links of the full industry chain of lithium-ion new energy materials, and also means that Huayou has now been on a new start point for a new journey of development. It is expected that, in the new journey, Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. could demonstrate strong competitiveness in fierce competition and make outstanding contributions to the cascade utilization of decommissioned power batteries in the new energy industry. It is also anticipated by Chen Xuehua that, the municipal government of Jiangning and relevant leadership will consistently and persistently support the operation and development of Huayou Group, such that Huayou Cobalt and its partners such as Toyota and Toyota-tsusho may work together for in-depth cooperation and achieve joint development in more areas and broader market space. 


Watanuki Tatsuya, the CEO in East Asia Region of Toyota-tsusho, delivered a speech in the opening ceremony and stated that, since 2019, Toyota-tsusho and Huayou Group had started to discuss on the recycling and cascade utilization of wasted and used power batteries and carry out argumentation on a demonstrative project for the application in China together with Toyota Motors. In the process of discussion and argumentation, it was found that Huayou Group happened to hold the same view with Toyota-tsusho in terms of the concept of realizing recycling-based society. At the same time, Watanuki Tatsuya expressed heartfelt gratefulness to the support provided by Jiangning Development Zone. He stated that, the establishment of the joint venture between Toyota-tsusho and Huayou Group in the treasured land of Jiangning District, Nanjing, is possible only with the vigorous support and facilitation of Jiangning Development Zone. He believed that, with the support of the municipal government of Jiangning District, and with the joint efforts of Huayou Group, Toyota-tsusho and all the partners, Huayou Energy will be prosperous and winning the future from the new starting point witnessed in the opening ceremony! 


Ms. Xu Erman, the deputy secretary general of China EV100 stated that, the establishment of Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is the best opportunity at the time, which represents the forward-looking views and distinguished strategic insights of the board chairman Chen Xuehua. She highly appreciated Huayou Energy Technology in terms of the robust technical strength and the innovative business model, and she firmly believed that the future path of Jiangsu Huayou Energy Techology will be broader and brighter. Besides, she stated that China EV100 is willing to join with stakeholders from all circles, and vigorously support Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology to develop and expand on the treasured land of Jiangning Development Zone in Nanjing for the new-energy intelligent automobile, and to consistently enhance competitiveness, in order to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry in China and Nanjing City and together embrace a healthy and sustainable development route of the new-energy industry. 


In the opening ceremony, Bao Wei, the general manager of Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the corporate profile, main products and market performance to everyone attending the ceremony. Then, board chairman Chen Xuehua, Mr.Watanuki Tatsuya, deputy secretary general Xu Erman and other attendants together visited the production line of Huayou Energy Technology and the lithium-ion cloud comprehensive service platform to understand the process flows and production line operation state, who expressed high recognition and appreciation on the work achievements of Huayou Energy Technology. 
Through cascade utilization of decommissioned lithium batteries from new-energy vehicles, Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. perfects the value chain for the full lifecycle of lithium power batteries, and is dedicated to becoming a leading intelligent energy network solution provider by virtue of developing battery data detection technology on the cloud platform, building key technology and products for energy control systems, innovating practices of operation modes and building an online operation platform of energy big data, with a view to safeguarding clean, safe, economic and efficient energy supply! 


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