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Zheng Zhajie, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Zhejiang Province Visits and Inspects Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park

Company News
Mei Fangming
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/02/01 09:12
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On December 23, the delegation led by Zheng Zhajie, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Zhejiang Province, visited and inspected Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park. The group president Chen Xuehua warmly received them. 


Accompanied by President Chen Xuehua, Governor Zheng Zhajie visited the oxygen pressure workshop, the extraction workshop, the detection center, the production control center and Huahai new energy in Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park. He inspected both production and management, and had a detailed understanding of the company's conditions in terms of mineral development, technological R&D, product application and market layout. Zheng Zhajie attached great importance to the joint development of technological innovation and industrial innovation. When learning Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park had become the domestic leading intelligent manufacturing industrial park of new energy lithium power materials, Zheng Zhajie was very delighted; he hoped that the enterprise could attach more importance to technological innovation and key technological breakthrough, aim at the global leading industry, try hard to improve quality and decrease costs, keep enhancing its innovation and competitiveness, and play a greater role in constructing the new development pattern, strengthening and optimizing the industrial chain and the supply chain, and realizing technological self-reliance. 
After listening to Chen Xuehua's report about the company's related conditions, Zheng Zhajie thought highly of the achievements obtained by Huayou Cobalt in recent years. He hoped that Huayou could continue with its diligence and persistence on the pioneering road, and turn Huayou into the world first-rate enterprise through the corporate spirit of "constantly striving to become stronger, and pursuing excellence". 


On behalf of Huayou, President Chen Xuehua showed warm welcome and sincere thanks to Governor Zheng Zhajie and other leaders for their visit and inspection in Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park. President Chen mentioned that Huayou Cobalt was established in 2002; through the 18-year development, the company has finished the spatial layout of putting the headquarters in Tongxiang, resource guarantee in foreign countries, the manufacturing base in China, and the market in the world. It has constructed the integrated industrial structure from cobalt resource control to cobalt product development, from manufacturing to marketing. It has had several advantages, including the stable resource guarantee, the leading technological R&D, the advanced manufacturing base, the worldwide market customers and the high-quality capital platform of the listed company. 
In face of the future development, President Chen said confidently that Huayou is a responsible enterprise. During the previous 18 years, we have fulfilled the prospect of becoming the global leader of the cobalt industry. In the next 10 and 20 years, we are bound to fulfill the prospect of "becoming the global leader of new energy lithium power materials". 


Chen Xin, Secretary-General of Zhejiang provincial government, Meng Gang, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Development And Reform Commission, Yin Xuequn, Director-General of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, Chu Ziyu, Director-General of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture And Tourism, Tang Feifan, Deputy Secretary of the Quzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Mayor, Liu Genhong, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Quzhou New City of Intelligent Manufacturing, and Director of the Management Committee, and Zheng Hejiang, Secretary-General of Quzhou Municipal Government accompanied him. 

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