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The Construction of 50,000t/a Nickelic Power Battery Ternary Precursor Project of Huayou New Energy Starts

Company News
Wang Yini
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/12/28 11:34
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The commencement ceremony of the 50,000t/a nickelic power battery ternary precursor project of Huayou New Energy Technology (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. was held on December 8. Leaders including Liu Genhong, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of Quzhou Intelligent New Town, Chen Yaozhong, Vice President of the Group and Vice President of Huayou New Energy Industry Group, and Fang Yuan, Vice President of the Group, attended and witnessed the construction of the project. The commencement ceremony was presided over by Li Tiancheng, Vice President of Huayou New Energy Industry Group. 


"Through nearly ten years of construction, Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park has grown into the world's largest and most advanced integrated production base in the lithium battery key material industry, and has become a shining "golden card" of Quzhou industry. On behalf of the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of Quzhou Intelligent New Town, Secretary Liu Genhong congratulated the construction of 50,000t/a nickelic power battery ternary precursor project. He mentioned that, new energy vehicles have become the main direction of the transformation and development of the global automobile industry, and an important engine driving the sustained growth of the world economy. In this context, Intelligent New Town is making every effort to cultivate the new energy industry into a strategic pillar industry of Quzhou, and to build Quzhou into a national-level new energy industry base. This coincides with Huayou's vision of "becoming a global leader in new energy lithium battery materials". Today's project construction marks another historic moment for Huayou in Quzhou. The Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of Quzhou Intelligent New Town will, as always, provide the most favorable development environment for Huayou, vigorously propel the high-quality development of Huayou, and fully support the development and construction of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park.


On behalf of the company, Vice President Chen Yaozhong expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders, guests and colleagues who attended the commencement ceremony. Chen mentioned in his speech that, amid the transition from the 13th Five-Year Plan to the 14th Five-Year Plan, we are here to jointly witness the commencement of the "50,000t/a nickelic power battery ternary precursor project" of Huayou New Energy. This project is the first work of Huayou during the "14th Five-Year Plan", a key measure to realize the "Two New Areas and Three Trends" development strategy of Huayou, and an effective support and milestone event for Huayou New Energy Industry Group to arrange global automobile industry chain, win high-end customers, and make breakthroughs in high-end products and production and marketing scale. Chen also put forward the requirements for the project construction. He hoped that all parties concerned would bear the concept of safety construction in mind, pay close attention to the project progress, and highlight the quality of project, so as to ensure the completion of all tasks of the project construction with quality and quantity guaranteed and as scheduled, and jointly build the project into a benchmark. 


More than 170 people, including all members of the Project Department, college students recruited in 2020, and personnel of the project contractor, designer and owner engineer entity, attended the commencement ceremony. 


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