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Build Together Win the Future Together - Grand Opening of China · Huayou The Fifth Annual International Conference

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/12/28 11:12
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Build Together Win the Future Together. China · Huayou The Fifth Annual International Conference was grandly opened in Tongxiang on December 11. More than 600 Huayou's customer representatives and supplier representatives from home and abroad, as well as friends from relevant financial institutions, securities institutions and media organizations gathered together in Tongxiang to cope with the new challenges under the profound changes in the international situation brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic, discuss the development plan of new energy lithium battery industry and build a better future together. 



Leaders and guests including Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, Yu Huiyou, Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Tongxiang, Mei Shiwen, President of China-Africa Development Fund, Ma Lin, General Manager of Group Financial Business Division of China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd., Jiang Yangping, Vice President of Zhejiang Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China, Zhang Yuqiang, Chairman of the Board of Zhenshi Holding Group, Chen Shiliang, Chairman of TongKun Group Co., Ltd., Liu Genhong, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of Quzhou Intelligent New Town, Oh Hyoung Soo, Chairman of POSCO (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Ma Yao, Executive Committee Member, Managing Director and Director of Investment Banking Committee of CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., and Li Li, former Level-1 Inspector of Division of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Director of New Energy Battery Recycling Professional Committee attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Group President Chen Hongliang. 


Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, Your Excellency Luhut Panjaitan, Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Republic of Indonesia, could not go to the site personally. He congratulated the successful opening of this annual international conference by video. In his speech, Your Excellency Minister Luhut Panjaitan pointed out that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is making unremitting efforts to build a competitive new energy lithium battery industry chain, and Huayou Cobalt, a leading enterprise in the new energy lithium battery material industry, has chosen to invest in the lithium battery material industry in Indonesia with its excellent industrial insight and brand-new mode. Relevant projects are proceeding in an orderly manner. Huayou's investment in Indonesia has broad prospects. Under the guidance of the concept of "Build Together Win the Future Together", the Government of the Republic of Indonesia will continue to optimize the business environment, help enterprises achieve their vision and goals, and strive to become a model for the successful matchmaking between Indonesia's "Global Maritime Fulcrum (Poros Maritm Dunia)" strategy and China's "The Belt and Road Initiative". 


Mayor Yu Huiyou said in his speech that in the 18 years of development since 2002, Huayou Cobalt and Huayou staff have always been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "Unremitting Self-improvement and Pursuit of Excellence", thus driving Huayou Cobalt grow into a leader in the domestic cobalt industry and an influential enterprise in the world cobalt industry. After 18 years of development, Huayou has explored a new direction for the development of the industry, set a successful example for the development of private economy, and made indelible contributions to the economic development of Tongxiang. China · Huayou The Fifth Annual International Conference is a platform for industry exchange and cooperation, a grand gathering to display the achievements of enterprise development, and a good opportunity for friends from all walks of life for exchange and guidance in Tongxiang. Finally, Mayor Yu hopes that more friends will come to Tongxiang to learn more about and form ties in Tongxiang by taking advantage of this annual international conference, and create a bright future together with us. 


Mei Shiwen, President of China-Africa Development Fund, said in his speech that China-Africa Development Fund became attached to Huayou Cobalt in Africa. Since our cooperation in 2011, it has been one of the classic investment cases of China-Africa Development Fund. In the period of opportunity for the booming development of new energy vehicles in the world and under the pattern of dual-circulation development in China, China-Africa Development Fund is willing to give full play to the comprehensive financial service advantages of "financing", "leveraged intelligence" and "commercial integration", to help Huayou Cobalt realize the vision of "global leader in new energy lithium battery materials", and continue to transform Africa's resource advantages into development advantages. 


Director Li Li said in his speech that in recent years, Huayou has been actively promoting the integrated layout of the whole industrial chain, and it has made breakthroughs in the construction of recycling network system, the innovation in cooperation mode of recycling of retired power batteries, the construction of recycling production lines, the breakthrough in critical technologies for cascade utilization, and the formulation of relevant industry standards, etc., and achieved outstanding results and set a benchmark for the industry, and contributed to the new energy vehicle industry and the retired power battery recycling industry. 





Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, Joon-Hyung Kim, head of Energy Materials Department of POSCO Chemical, Nan Zhe, head of Cutting-edge Materials Business Division of LG Chem, Kenny Ives, President of Nickel Business Division of Glencore International AG, and David Brockis, head of Cobalt Business Division, could not go to the site personally. They congratulated the successful opening of this annual international conference by video, and also expressed that they will continue to deepen their cooperation and work together for a better future. 


In his speech, Chairman Chen Xuehua extended his warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, guests and friends from all walks of life who attended this annual international conference. He also mentioned that five annual international conferences were all held in Tongxiang, and these conferences have witnessed the growth of Huayou. In the past five years, Huayou has made historic progress and decisive achievements. The five years of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and since the First Annual International Conference has seen Huayou's efforts in accelerating transformation and development, building a big pattern and shaping a great future, and making significant phased achievements in second entrepreneurship. Today's Huayou has greatly improved its openness, comprehensive strength, development momentum, product structure, industrial system and spatial layout. 
The new chapter of the "14th Five-Year Plan" has been opened and the trumpet for a new journey has already sounded. Chairman Chen said that, in the face of the irreversible development momentum of the new energy vehicle industry, Huayou will firmly adhere to the belief of "Rooted in the China, Making Friends All over the World", accelerate its integration into the new development pattern with domestic major circulation as main part, domestic and international dual-circulation supporting each other, and work together to build new advantages and create a win-win future. Huayou will continue to cooperate with partners in the new energy industry, and embark on the new journey of "14th Five-Year Plan" featuring high-quality development with greater efforts and more confidence. 


"Huayou has entered a new stage of high-quality development, and its development prospect is promising. Huayou is willing to work with you to turn crisis into opportunity, solve difficult problems in cooperation, and jointly witness what kind of Huayou will become in the next five years." At the following press conference, Chairman Chen Xuehua made the theme report Review and Prospect of Huayou Cobalt, systematically summarized the achievements that Huayou has made since the "13th Five-Year Plan", and proposed his expectation for Huayou during the "14th Five-Year Plan". 


In order to further practice the cooperation concept of "Build Together Win the Future Together", the guests also witnessed the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Huayou and several partners. Branch venues were also set up for some cadres and employees of the group to watch the grand event simultaneously through video broadcasting. 


During the annual international conference, a series of theme activities, including industry forum and annual licensing ceremony, will be held to further build consensus, enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation for win-win results. 


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