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"Iron Army of Huayou" Formally Starts!

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/10/30 10:26
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On October 17, the opening ceremony of "Iron Army of Huayou" was grandly held in the headquarters of the group. The group's president Chen Hongliang gave the speech entitled "Ten Years to Build Trees and One Hundred to Build People - Creating the Iron Army Team of the One-hundred-year Huayou" on the opening ceremony on behalf of the company. He mobilized the iron army trainees and Huayou cadres to strive for the secondary pioneering of the group and the grand career of the one-hundred-year Huayou, and gather the strong strength of fulfilling dreams. 


"It takes ten years to build trees and one hundred years to build people. The one-hundred-year Huayou requires perseverance beyond your expectations! It requires the constant struggles of the Huayou members!" President Chen mentioned that the opening of "Iron Army of Huayou" was a big event for both trainees and the company. Huayou's developmental history in recent two decades tells us that man is the most crucial factor for corporate development. Without talents, there won't be the past, the present and the future of Huayou. The opening of the iron army plan announces Huayou's orientation and mechanism of using employees. The implementation of the iron army plan focuses on the one-hundred-year plan of Huayou and ultimately solves the issue of man. 
"The future competition is about who go further and have more talents." The grand objective of the "14th five-year plan" cannot be realized without hard efforts. The current Huayou requires various talents much more than before. President Chen mentioned that "the iron army plan" was to create an iron army team of Huayou, who are brave and passionate to carve out in the development of Huayou. 
What kind of team can be regarded as an iron army? President Chen summarized the characteristics of the iron army in the speech and proposed the requirements. Have ironed disciplines. Have the consciousness and self-discipline of obeying orders and disciplines. Without strict discipline, there won't be an iron army. Have the ironed style. Have the battle style of forging ahead and determining to achieve the goal. Without ironed styles, there won't be an iron army. Have ironed abilities. Have various abilities of confronting difficulties and solving problems. Without excellent abilities, there won't be an iron army. 


President Chen mentioned that Huayou's iron army is characterized by strict disciplines, ironed styles and excellent abilities. It inherits the original will of "achieving the best or doing nothing", embodies Huayou's spirit of "constantly striving to become stronger and pursuing excellence", and shows the requirements of the cadre team construction with "strugglers as the basis". President Chen showed his expectations for creation and cultivation of the iron army team. First of all, cultivate and use them, and respect the growth rule. The talent team cultivated by the company includes the eyas team, the wolf warrior team and the strategic reserve team. The strategic reserve team focuses on the training of the contemplative faculties. The wolf warrior team focuses on the training of the transformation force. The eyas team focuses on the training of the executive force. Trainees should finish the learning in the training period and complete work tasks. Cultivation and use should be combined. Use them in cultivation and cultivate them in use. Second, learn to think and focus on practice. Learning is the premise; thinking is the key and acting is the fundamental. Trainees selected in the iron army should assume the mission, take a good lead and practice as much as possible. 
"Without looking down from uphill, no one knows that the water flows eastwards." President Chen mentioned that our iron army plan has a process, including one year, two years and three years. It is a process of steeling yourselves. President Chen hoped that the first 193 trainees should devote themselves into the iron army camp with modesty, seize opportunities, keep developing themselves, become the real iron army of Huayou and meet a more excellent self on a bigger stage! 




On the opening ceremony, President Chen Hongliang presented flags to the member representatives of the eyas team, the wolf warrior team and the strategic reserve team. 




Representatives of the iron army trainees, the iron army instructor and the political commissar representatives gave speeches one by one. 


Yang Feng, CEO Assistant and HR Management Center made the report of talent cultivation planning of the Iron Army plan. 


"I am a trainee of the iron army. I will have the ironed beliefs, the ironed convictions, the ironed disciplines and the ironed duties. I'll come as soon as called, battle once I come and win victory once I battle. I will strive for the ideal and the cause of Huayou for a long term!" The oaths are powerful. The oaths are inspiring. At the end of the ceremony, trainees of Huayou iron army gave the solemn oaths. 


The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhou Qifa, Vice President of the group. Over 200 people, including leaders of the president assistant and above, domestic department directors and above, trainees of the iron army plan, chief military instructors/political commissars and tutor representatives attended this opening ceremony. Meanwhile, the conference set up three sub-sessions in Africa, Indonesia and Beijing. Participating cadres and related personnel of the sub-sessions watched the opening ceremony through live streaming by video. 





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