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The completion Ceremony Leyou New Energy Materials(Wuxi) Co., Ltd.was held.

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/09/29 15:41
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On September 10, the completion ceremony of Leyou New Energy Material Co., Ltd. was held in Xinwu District, Wuxi city, Jiangmin, vice mayor of Wuxi and Secretary of Xinwu District Party Committee, Chen Xuehua, chairman of Huayou, and Hong-Kyu Park, general manager of Leyou New Energy attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.


On behalf of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and government, vice mayor Jiangmin expressed her warm congratulation on the completion of Leyou New Energy. Jiangmin pointed out in his speech that LG Chem, as the core main force of LG Group, has sized the “commanding heights” in the world of new energy vehicle power batteries and is in the leading position in the field of automotive power batteries globally. Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt is the world’s largest manufacturer of cobalt products, it has strong competitiveness and influence in the manufacturing of lithium new energy materials and deep processing of cobalt new material. Through this combination, Leyou New Energy Material (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is expected to become the world’s largest new energy automotive power battery cathode material production base. We hope t hat Leyou will seize the opportunity of this completion, seize the development opportunity, strengthen the integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and usher in greater development and create more brilliant achievements in the new starting point. At the same time, Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government will continue to provide quality services for Leyou, work together with peers, forge ahead, to realize the soonest commercial production.


Due to the impact of Covid-19, vice chairman and CEO of LG Chem, Shin Hak Cheol was unable to attend the ceremony. He made a special video to congratulate the completion of the project, thank the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Wuxi Municipal Government for their strong support in the construction of the project, and pay high tribute to the team for their hard work. For the future development of the joint venture company, vice chairman Xin Xuezhe is full of confidence and expectations first, with the support of advanced manufacturing technology and management level, strengthen the scientific research, strengthen the market leading key technologies to conquer and control, and strive to become the most competitive cathode material production enterprise, second, we should continue to adhere to the business philosophy of customer-orientation and creating value for customers. In the fierce market competition, we should respond quickly to customers’ demands and constantly seize market share. “When all men are of one mind, their sharpness can cut gold.” Shin Hak Cheol said LG Chem will spare no effort to build Leyou into a first-class lithium cathode material manufacturer and market contributions to the economic and social development of Wuxi. 


“From the moment Huayou Cobalt cooperated with LG Chem, we were convinced that we would have today’s harvest.” Chairman Chen Xuehua said firmly in his speech that Leyou project is a successful transnational cooperation between Chinese enterprises and Korean enterprises, and a strong cooperation between cobalt industry leader and battery giant. Cooperation and win-win future are the unswerving development philosophy of Huayou. The completion of the project marks the fruitful cooperation between Huayou Cobalt and LG Chem. At the same time, the completion of the project means that Leyou company stands at a new starting point and sets foot on a new journey. On the new journey, I hope Leyou will show its strong competitiveness in the fierce market competition and make outstanding contributions to the new energy material industry. Huayou Cobalt is willing to cooperation with LG Chem in more fields and wider space to realize common growth. Chairman Chen also hopes that the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government and the development zone will continue to care about and support the operation and development of Leyou, and write a new chapter for the pearl of Tai Lake.


General manager of Leyou New Energy, Hong-Kyu Park said in his speech, as China’s major national strategy, “Yangtze river delta integration development strategy” settles its core in Wuxi city, this city has a unique geographical advantages and industrial foundation, Leyou New Energy and Wuxi would like to develop together with the city, and to contribute to the beauty and prosperity of the city by our hard working. It took Leyou New Energy one and a half year to complete the construction, during this period, we have gone through difficult times such as the impact of Covid-19, with the strong support of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, government and high-tech Zone, we have overcome numerous difficulties together and achieve many achievements. Leyou will continue to make efforts to lead the future of global power battery with the best products and make new contributions to the economic development of Wuxi city.




At the ceremony, all attendees watched a special video about the construction progress of the project. Then, vice mayor Jiang Min, Chairman Chen Xuehua, General Manager Hong-Kyu Park and all the guests gathered together at the gate of the joint venture company, to bank up the yew podocarpus with is a symbol of the enduring friendship between the two companies. All attendees believe that based on the solid foundation of trust and cooperation between Huayou and LG, this tree of friendship will surely take root deeply, flourish and gain long-term vitality, and both sides will have more cooperation gains.


After the celebration ceremony, the two side held talks on the future high-quality development of the joint venture company and reached a lot of consensus. After the meeting, Chairman Chen Xuehua and his delegation, accompanied by General Manager Hong-Kyu Park, inspected the completed production lines, acknowledged some information of the project construction, and expressed their gratitude and respect to the Korean team for their hard work in the project construction.


Vice secretary of the working committee and director of high-tech zone of Wuxi, city, Feng Xiaochun, vice secretary of the working committee and vide director of high-tech zone of Wuxi city, deputy director of the new district party committee, Hong Yanwei, deputy chief of Wuxi custom, Fan Xinhua, Executives of LG Chem, CHOI Sung Ryul, CHOI SUK WON, Hong-Kyu Park, General Manager of Huajin New Energy, Yan Hewen, Senior vice president of Huayou Cobalt, Fang Qixue, Vice president, Chen Yaozhong(Chairman of Leyou), Zhang Binghai, Hu Yanhui, and the heads of the project team of the joint venture company attended the completion ceremony.

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