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Forge more "generals" in Huayou by shaping, empowering and advancing souls amid challenges!

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/08/21 14:28
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On August 2, a special training for leaders of Huayou that focuses on soul-building and empowerment was held at the company's headquarters in Tongxiang. The group company invited a special guest - General Jin Yinan, Major General of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and former director of the Institute for Strategic Studies of the National Defence University of People's Liberation Army, who lectured on “The Generation of Generals-Thinking on Command and Decisive Winning”. Nearly 300 leaders, including Chairman Chen Xuehua, President Chen Hongliang, President Assistant and leaders at higher levels of the group, as well as cadres at the section chief rank and above in Tongxiang District attended the meeting. 


"There is no soldier that cannot be defeated, and a rout can be like a landslide. But a general that cannot be defeated is the most intimidating, as there are no weak troops under a capable general." "A competent commander has to be selected before a battle, and the best training must be provided prior to the occurrence of casualties." "A general must arrange, operate and plan for the long-term, and must grasp a bigger picture that others won't see." During the three-hour lecture, General Jin Yinan, who combined his years of military career with an overall perspective, an extensive view, a severe course of logic and detailed cases, raised profound interpretations to the generation of generals, from the points of definition, ability and quality, as well as the education, training and experience for training generals in peaceful times. 
"Behind every greatness is suffering. Corporate generals are also veterans in battle, and cultivated through hardships," explained in simple terms by General Jin Yinan, with a reference to Huawei's glorious and painful history of development and arduous struggle. The case is also true for companies and the "generals" leading them, who can only be resistant, long-lasting and healthier when caring about the overall national interest, embracing patriotism, and living through the scars of wounds. General Jin also quoted that there is only one kind of heroism on earth, which is to still keep loving your life after recognizing the truth of life. The three-hour lecture won the great respect of all the trainees and repeated applause echoed during intervals. At the end, the trainees also exchanged views with General Jin Yinan on relevant hot issues. 


In his concluding speech, Chairman Chen Xuehua expressed his welcome and thanks to General Jin Yinan for attending this lecture held by Huayou and energizing the executives of the company. Chairman Chen said that General Jin Yinan provided us with a spectacular and lively lecture, which can be of great significance for our leaders to learn about the direction, brainstorm ideas, and further our work. Leaders must develop a far-reaching understand of the laws of history, development, and competition contained in the lecture, flexibly practice and effectively transform the knowledge learned today into work results, and internalize the gains of training as the passion for work. 
"Leaders are shaped by experience, while generals are created by defeats! Spiritual energy is infinite," said Chairman Chen. Huayou has caught up with the good times for development, and also a golden opportunity period for Huayou's business. Leaders, as the successor of Huayou's business, must act in line with the Huayou Business Guiding Principle, shoulder the company's mission with an iron-like belief, forge ahead, and work hard for a long time towards Huayou's ideal. At the same time, we must utilize this lecture, an opportunity and a start to continuously shape and empower leaders, innovate mechanisms and systems, plan the growth path of leadership, and strengthen competitive selection, thereby cultivating more "generals" who can lead the team to victory! 


Aside from the main venue in Tongxiang, three sub-venues of the special training were also set up in Quzhou, Beijing, and Indonesia, and witnessed by nearly 400 Huayou executives via video conferences. 


After that, the company organized middle-level and above leaders to study and discuss the lecture by General Jin Yinan before communication of ideas. 


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