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High-tech Supports Company’s High-quality Development - Huayou Cobalt Held the First Science and Technology Conference

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/07/31 15:48
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On June 30, Huayou Cobalt’s First Science and Technology Conference was held in Tongxiang Headquarters. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, made an important speech at the conference entitled "Strategy-oriented  Innovation Driven  To Support the Company's High-quality Development by High-tech". Tongxiang municipal party secretary Sheng Yongjun attended the meeting and address.


In his speech, Mr. Chen pointed out that today we solemnly held the first science and technology conference at the headquarters of the group. This conference is an important and far-reaching conference held at the critical stage of transformation and upgrading, the second venture, and the important moment when the "330 scientific research plan "was launched. The theme of the meeting is to look back at the past, plan for the future, build a strategy-oriented science and technology innovation system to support the high-quality development of the company with high technology. At the same time taking this meeting as the starting point, marks Huayou’s technological progress, scientific and technological innovation has entered a new stage.
"Innovation is the soul of Huayou's continuous progress and the source of Huayou's continuous development. Huayou's history of growth is a history of pursuing technological progress and daring to innovate. Mr. Chen affectionately said that without technological progress there is no today's Huayou, is the progress of science and technology to achieve today's Huayou. For more than 20 years, Huayou insisted on technological progress and maintained high-tech investment; insisted on strengthening scientific and technological enterprises and strengthening the construction of scientific research system; insisted on innovation-driven, supporting the transformation and development of the company. It is precisely the strategy of innovation-driven development that we have come out of the way of technological progress with the characteristics of Huayou, become the leading enterprise in the global cobalt industry, and are building a global leader in new energy lithium-ion battery materials.


Time does not wait for people, space does not wait for people. Mr. Chen said that under the background of accelerating the development of new energy lithium-ion battery, we should speed up the technological progress of the company and improve the innovation ability of the company with a strong sense of urgency and crisis. At the conference, the company launched the "330 scientific research program ", is to create the most core, the most critical, the most sustainable scientific and technological competitiveness, to support and promote the company's high-quality development. The scientific and technological system and R & D forces of the Group should continue to adhere to and deepen the basic idea of "supporting industry, leading the future, opening up cooperation and cooperating with innovation ", and deeply practice that" talent is the key, mechanism is the guarantee and innovation ". It is the basic principle of the system of science and technology information, the value of science and technology innovation, the collectivization of science and technology resources and the headquarters of science and technology management. It adheres to strategic orientation, goal orientation and problem orientation, strengthens the understanding and research of industry essence, science and technology strategy and innovation system, finds the way to achieve the goal, completes the system construction, realizes the five-year goal, and builds the company into a scientific and technological, innovative and leading enterprise.
At the end of his speech, Mr. Chen called on all Huayou people to take today's science and technology conference as the starting point, take the "330 plan "as the starting point, find the right position, expand the advantages, straighten out the relationship and grasp the characteristics, build a strategy-oriented science and technology innovation system, create an innovative atmosphere, pool innovative forces, burst out innovative vitality, build the company into a technology-based, innovative, leading enterprises, support high-quality development with high-tech, and strive to become a global leader in new energy lithium-ion battery materials at an early date!


Secretary Sheng Yongjun congratulated Huayou Cobalt on the success of the first science and technology conference. Mr. Sheng pointed out that no matter how the internal and external situation changes, only strong science and technology, strong innovation, strong talent, strong management, strong industry, strong company, can seize the opportunity, always maintain the industry leading. The reason why Huayou can be in 18 years, from a small workshop small business, to develop into a total market value of more than 40 billion yuan of multinational companies, industry leaders, benchmarking enterprises, mainly to give full play to the power of science and technology, innovation, talent.
"If you want to develop and become a leader in the industry, you must rely on technology, science and technology, science and technology, talent, talent or talent ." Secretary Sheng is full of confidence and high hopes for the future development of Huayou. We hope that Huayou will take this conference as a new starting point, continue to maintain its determination, innovate continuously, strengthen its confidence, overcome difficulties, continue to cultivate deep cultivation and show its responsibility, continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, strengthen the construction of scientific research infrastructure, introduce high-end talents, strengthen the R & D team, constantly overcome technical problems in the industry, and build a synergistic development.
"Leading is one step faster than others, no farming after the rainy season (Huangmei) "," Because believe, see "," How you do, Huayou will be how ", finally, Secretary Sheng sent a sincere message to all participants, to Huayou’s scientific research workers, and wish Huayou continue to adhere to innovation-driven development, adhere to the new concept of development, to win higher quality, higher level of development, writing Tongxiang development more wonderful chapter!


Participants and guests also watched Huayou science and technology development video. The conference gave a grand commendation to the winners of the Science and Technology Contribution Award, and called on all Huayou people at home and abroad to follow the example and promote the company's new round of development with innovation-driven and scientific and technological forces. At the same time, the meeting completed the "Huayou Cobalt 2030 Medium- and Long-Term Development Plan" publicity ," Huayou Cobalt "14th Five-Year Plan "Science and Technology Development Program outline ," Science and Technology Innovation Management and incentive Policy Framework ," the Group's Vice Chairman, Senior Vice President Fang Qixue made a summary report to the General Assembly on scientific and technological work, held the "330 Scientific Research Plan" major signed ceremony, and the signatory representatives made speeches of the statement and other agenda.





Qiu Dekui, member of the standing committee and executive vice mayor of Yulin Municipal Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and his party, Yuan Jie, deputy mayor of Tongxiang City, Tu Jianzhong, secretary of the Party working Committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, secretary of the Party Committee of Gaoqiao Street, and Fan Zhongwei, director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Tongxiang City, attended the meeting for guidance. Assistants to President and above leaders of the Company, director and above cadres in China, main cadres and scientific research personnel of industrial Groups, headquarters functional departments, main responsible peoples of Huayou Holdings Group and the main heads of Brother Units attended the meeting. Participants in Quzhou, Africa, Beijing and Indonesia watched and listened to the conference live by live video.


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