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Stabilize Operating Situation Maintain Rising State Strive Untiringly for Realizing the Successful Ending of “13th Five”The Group Held the Mid-2020 Working Session

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/07/31 14:04
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On July 17-18, the Group Mid-2020 Working Session was held in Quzhou. The meeting comprehensively summarized the achievements of the Group in the first half of the year, analyzed the operating environment faced, and defined the target tasks for the second half of the year.


At the meeting, Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, made an important speech on the theme of "Standing at a New Height and Stepping on a New Step to Achieve a Key Leap in a Key Year ". Mr. Chen said that the core idea of our mid-year session in Quzhou today is to do a good job in the 13th Five-Year Plan, plan the 14th Five-Year Plan, strive to complete the annual business tasks, and make every effort to achieve the five-year planning goals. Mr. Chen said that in the past six months, in the face of a sudden outbreak of the epidemic, we pay attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic and the production and operations. With the joint efforts of all of us, we have achieved continuous and stable production, enhanced market position, counter-trend growth of benefits, and achieved hard-won outstanding results, which have laid the foundation for us to achieve the annual goal and strengthened our confidence.
Mr. Chen said that this year is a special year hit by the epidemic, is the decisive year of the three major battles, and is the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. These factors determine that this year is a very critical year for the Company and a significant year in the history of the Company. As long as we can stabilize the good business situation and maintain a good growth situation, we can stand on a new height, step to a new level, and achieve key leaps in key years.
"If you have faith, you can go far. We're standing at the door of our vision, and no one can stop us from entering. After analyzing the industrial environment and management situation, how to do well in the 13th Five-Year Plan and plan the 14th Five-Year Plan, Mr. Chen put forward the requirements for the next stage of work: first, to win the three major battles and the battle of epidemic prevention and control; second, to achieve new breakthroughs in production and marketing in stable operation; and third, to seize the opportunity to expand the 14th Five-Year Plan industrial space. In this key year of fighting epidemic situation and realizing leapfrogging, in the key year of "13th Five-Year Plan "and "14th Five-Year Plan" alternating, all Huayou cadres and employees should strengthen their industry confidence, team confidence, theoretical confidence, and prepare for the arrival of "14th Five-Year Plan ".
"Work of the second half of the year will not only determine the Company's future, but will also redefine the Company's past ." Mr. Chen in the speech finally placed expectations on all Huayou cadres, full of confidence. What to do in the remaining half year is to stabilize the business situation, maintain the growth trend, and achieve the key leap in the key years; it is to stand on a new height, step up to a new level, realize the successful closure of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and present the most meaningful and memorable gift for Huayou's 18-year-old adulthood ceremony.


At the meeting, President Chen Hongliang, on behalf of the Group Company, made a Semi-Annual Work Report entitled "Stabilizing the Business situation and Maintaining the Growth Trend in Order to Achieve the Successful Conclusion of the 13th Five-Year Plan ". The report comprehensively reviewed the completion of the work in the first half of the year, deeply analyzed the problems and challenges faced by the Company, and made arrangements and arrangements for the work of the second half of the year.
In view of the current business environment and the task of the situation, the meeting demanded that in the second half of the year, we should resolutely win the three major battles by strictly preventing the epidemic situation and strictly observing the bottom line; seize orders, stabilize production, and make every effort to achieve the annual business objectives; advance the construction of projects in an orderly manner, develop steadily, and maintain a strong momentum of development; continue to increase investment in scientific research, improve the system of science and innovation, and enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation; consolidate the foundation, reform mechanism, and effectively advance the five key tasks of the key work as the grasp, unify ideas, unified planning, speed up the running towards the goal, grab back the lost time, and continuously advance the Company's high-quality development to a new level.


At the same time, the meeting also clarified the guiding ideology of the work of the second half of the year: under the strong leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, we should carry out the spirit of the annual working meeting of the Company, the meeting on safety and environmental protection, the meeting on cadres, the meeting on science, technology and innovation, and the working meeting on this year's work. In particular, we should conscientiously understand and thoroughly implement the spirit of several important speeches made by the Chairman since this year. Continue to implement the "market expansion, stable management, research and development focus, strong security" business ideas, adhere to the "Four Unchangeds, Three can’ts" work requirements, stable business situation, maintain the growth situation, to achieve the "13th Five-Year Plan "to complete the official unremitting struggle!
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Chen asked the participating cadres to unify their thinking into the Company's arrangements, face the difficulties, be brave in taking on the responsibility, adhere to strategic guidance, goal-oriented, problem-oriented, firm industry confidence, team confidence, theoretical confidence, not afraid of difficulties, obstacles, risks and challenges, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the 13th Five-Year Plan goal, and meet the arrival of the 14th Five-Year Plan with new achievements, new growth and new posture.


The meeting successively completed the organizational structure adjustment and the related personnel appointment and removal document reading, the group discussion to study President's 2020 semi-annual work report, work report from each industrial group and each function unit , compliance training for the listed company management personnel and so on agenda.


Before Mr. Chen's speech, all the cadres who attended the meeting stood up to pay tribute to the friends of China who had adhered to the front line of project construction in Congo in Africa and Indonesia.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Chen led all the participants to read the oath and take a photo. Also participating in the meeting are the relevant leaders of the holding group, the chief head of the functional department of the headquarters and the head of the department; the chief head of the industrial group and the head of each responsible leader of the main functions and business departments; and the head of the subsidiary company of the industrial group. African and Indonesian cadres participated in the mid-year working meeting through live video.


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