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Tang Feifan, Deputy Secretary of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Visited the Group's Headquarters for Inspection and Guidance

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/07/01 09:33
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On June 18, Tang Feifan, Deputy Secretary of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and his delegations visited the Group's headquarters for inspection and guidance. Group Chairman Chen Xuehua gave warm reception.
Mayor Tang Feifan and his delegations, accompanied by Chairman Chen, visited the main Production Workshops and Production Controlling Center and other front-line places of the two Joint Ventures, Huayou Posco New Energy and Puhua New Energy established by the joint venture between the Group Company and the Fortune 500 Enterprise, the Korea Posco Group (Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd). "How did the epidemic affect the company's operations ?" "What are our current advantages in product technology development ?" Wherever new place he arrived, Mayor Tang stopped to inspect, consult to deeply understand the the situations of technology research and development, product applications, channel construction and other aspects of joint venture, and listened to the General Manager of JV Lu Yuanjiu’s Report on the Company's Construction Course.
"We have just visited the two joint ventures set up by Huayou and Posco of South Korea, and listened to the Introduction on Huayou's Development Profile, Future Planning and Development Course of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park by Chairman Chen Xuehua. Huayou's development space is very large and its prospects are very broad ." Mayor Tang Feifan said that Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park has become the largest, most advanced and the most competitive cobalt industry manufacturing base in the world after eight years of development, and has made important contributions to the economic and social development of Quzhou City. At present, Quzhou City is seizing the window period of the rapid development opportunity of the national new energy and new material industry, vigorously cultivating and developing the new energy and new material industry represented by lithium-ion power battery materials, promoting industrial agglomeration, and creating a new energy and new material industry gathering place with global market competitiveness. Mayor Tang said that Quzhou Municipal Government will fully support the development of pillar industries in Quzhou like Huayou with the idea of "Big Space, Strong Policy and Excellent Service ", and also hope that Huayou Cobalt will continue to strengthen its strategic orientation and achieve higher quality development.
On behalf of Huayou, Chairman Chen Xuehua warmly welcomed Mayor Tang Feifan and the leaders to visit the Group for inspection and guidance. Mr. Chen said that since taking root in Quzhou in June 2012, Huayou has been developing from a single project to an industrial park, from a single enterprise to an industrial cluster. On the journey of the second venture, Huayou will adhere to the development mode of "Two Clustering Models Two Trends" and the industrial chain planning of coordinated development, strive to build the industrial park into a comprehensive, high-level and cluster demonstration park of the new material industry of lithium-ion battery, enhance the driving force of the industrial park to the regional economy, focus on the high-quality development of cohesion, and contribute to the strength of Huayou for speeding up the construction of "Dynamic New Quzhou  Beautiful Big Garden ".
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