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Chairman Chen Xuehua was awarded with the “Second Meritorious Figures in Overseas Resources Development Strategy of Non-ferrous Metals Industry of China”

Company News
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/01/08 14:13
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    On January 3~4, 2019, the “2nd Award Ceremony of Meritorious Enterprises and Figures in Overseas Resources Development Strategy of Non-ferrous Metals Industry of China and Risk Prevention & Control Summit Forum” supported by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and sponsored by China Nonferrous Metals was held in Beijing. 


    Gu Xiulian, deputy director of the 10th National People's Congress Standing Committee, Chen Quanxun, president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Fan Shunke, deputy secretary of CPC of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Lin Ruhai, president of China Nonferrous Metals Techno-Economic Research Institute, and other relevant leaders and guests attended the award ceremony and the forum opening ceremony. This grand ceremony was attended and witnessed by more than 300 people from the enterprises of production, trade, geological exploration, design and construction, and equipment manufacturing in nonferrous industry, institutions of financing, insurance, securities and futures throughout the country as well as the mainstream media including, xinhuanet, Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, CTV, China Economic Times, China Natural Resources, China Gold, China Mining, China Nonferrous Metals, China Metallurgy, China News, Sina, Sohu, Workers Daily, China Industry News, and Caixin Media.


    Chairman Chen Xuehua was awarded with the “Second Meritorious Figures in Overseas Resources Development Strategy of Non-ferrous Metals Industry of China”, and vice president Xu Wei attended the meeting and received the award on stage on behalf of Chen Xuehua.










    To realize the strategic planning of controlling the key resources, in the second year after establishment of Huayou Cobalt, early in 2003, Chen Xuehua went to Africa to visit for the first time, where, he comprehensively investigated the resource conditions, business environment, laws and regulations of Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo). In 2006, he started investing in Africa, taking the key step of guaranteeing the corporate long-term development. In the critical period of investment in Africa from 2003 to 2009, Chen spent 9~10 months in Africa every year and trudged on the land of Africa. So far, as the major projects have been constructed and put into production successively, the company has developed and formed the mining industry chain of ore mining, dressing, and smelting and the terraced mining development layout in Congo, providing a reliable guarantee of resources for the career development of Huayou Cobalt in China. 


    African resources are one of main competitive forces of the company, which has guaranteed the long-term development of the company and the synergic development of three major industry groups. In recent three years, the company’s about 51% cobalt raw materials have been sourced from Congo. Huayou Cobalt is not worried about resources. It has developed a strong resource advantage in the competition. Moreover, to reach the strategic goal “Fight Ten Years Two Firsts”, in the next half year of 2018, the company accelerated its layout of development of nickel resources in Indonesia. 


    Time and space wait for no one. Looking forward to the future, Huayou Cobalt will continue to promote the cooperative construction in integration of mining and metallurgy with the cobalt resources in Congo base and nickel resources in Indonesia base; and drive the systematic cooperative construction in cobalt ore supply chain responsibility management and renewable resources recycling. A more promising Huayou is striding forward under the guidance of brand new strategy “resources control in the upstream”!

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