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The Third Zhejiang Phoenix List was Released in Hangzhou, the Company was Listed in the List of “Top Ten M & A of the Year”

Company News
Shen Xiaoli
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/06/18 15:24
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On May 30, under the guidance of Zhejiang Provincial Local Financial Supervisory Authority, Zhejiang M & A Federation hosted the Third Zhejiang Phoenix List 2020 held in Hangzhou. In the press conference, 4 lists of the "Special Contribution Award of M & A Leading Upgrading of Regional Industry", " Ten 10 IPO of the Year", "Top 10 M & A of the Year", " Best Service Agency of the Year" were announced respectively. The Company won the "Top 10 M & A of the Year" award,  Chen Ying, Head of Strategic Development Department of Group Strategic Investment Center, who was on behalf of the Company received the award. Fang Qixue, Group Vice Chairman, Senior Vice President, attended the meeting.
Gao Yi, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He said that our province has taken an important step in using the capital market to promote local economic development and deepen financial supply-side reform. We hope that the listed regions will further play the role of demonstration of industrial development, actively share the successful experience of docking multilevel capital markets to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and lead more regions to use capital markets to promote the high quality development of local economies. The conference also issued two reports, Zhejiang Capital Market Development Report 2019 and Baishaquan China M & A Annual Report 2020.
Chen Ying (right 5), Head of Strategic Development Department of Group Strategic Investment Center, received the award on the stage on behalf of the Company.
In the past year, in the face of complex and severe new situation, Group M & A work was handled with flexibility to the changes, and in which the opportunities were found. We focused more on strengthening the industrial chain, worked together to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In the new situation, Huayou will take the advantage of this honor, further mastering global pattern, co-created pattern, open pattern and future pattern, promoting the evolution of M & A logic pacing with the times, making innovations of M & A model to help enterprises achieve high-quality development.
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