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Resolutely defend the bottom line against COVID-19 and win the three major battles ---- Huayou 2020 Safety and Environmental Protection Conference

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/05/16 10:12
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On April 29, Huayou 2020 Safety and Environmental Protection Conference was held in Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park, the conference summarized the work of safety and environmental protection in 2019, and made arrangements for the deployment of safety and environmental protection tasks in 2020. We will further mobilize and call on all Huayou employees to firmly uphold the concept of “Safety and Environmental Protection Is The First Priority”, coordinate the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, strengthen the main responsibility of production safety, resolutely win the three major battles, and strive for sustainable and high quality development of the company. 
During the conference, chairman Chen Xuehua, made a speech with the theme of “Strictly prevent the epidemic, strictly defend the bottom line, and resolutely win the three major battles of environmental protection and fire safety”. In his speech Mr. Chen summed up and affirmed the major stage achievements made by Huayou in the past year in the three major battles and expressed his gratitude to the Chinese friends who had worked hard to win the “three major battles” and promote the high quality development of the company. Chairman Chen said, today’s conference was completed last year pledging, conference continues to deepen, is to implement the annual work conference spirit, is “exploring the market, stabilizing the operation, enhancing the R&D and strengthening the supply”, all participants must mentally pay great attention to the business ideas and resolutions, taking the following three aspects as the top priority, pay close attention to the implementation, keep our hearts united and promote the development of the high quality to a new level.
Firstly, we need to prevent the epidemic from spreading in Huayou, no matter what the situation is, protecting the safety and health of the employees is the first priority. Both at home and abroad, in the prevention and control of the epidemic we should emphasize and urge the personal pretection of employees and enhance their self-consciousness and self-discipline in epidemic prevention. This is the due responsibility of every Huayou employee.
Secondly, we must strictly observe the bottom line. Safety and environmental protection is the bottom line of the company, which should not be lowered or touched at any time. this is our responsibility and act. We should continue to strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, the implementation of responsibilities, the thinking of the bottom line, and the awareness of the law. We should continue to strengthen the construction of the three bases for the safety and environmental protection, so as to form strong force of all safety and environmental protection personnel to jointly manage and build together, consolidate the safety and environmental protection foundation of the company, and enhance the ability to guarantee development.
Thirdly, we must resolutely win the three major battles. Today’s conference, on the basis of consolidating the achievements we had made, added new contents and goals to the three major battles this is to meet the requirements of the new situation and new changes.
In the end, Chairman Chen said that since the beginning of this year, we have been focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic in one hand and production and operation resumption in the other, and obtained a hard won start with the joint efforts of all Huayou employees.
In the same time, this year is the closing year of the 13th five-year plan, I hope all Huayou cadres and employees can continue to carry forward the Huayou spirit of “Unremitting self-improvement and pursuit of excellence” and strive for a perfect conclusion of Huayou’s 13th five-year plan and welcome the arrival of the 14th five-year plan.
During the conference, the responsibility list of the three major battles in 2020 was released, the statements of target responsibility was signed. The leaders of the three industrial groups and Huayou Quzhou Park made their speeches. The conference has four parallel sessions in Tongxiang, Beijing, Africa, and Indonesia, all cadres from the parallel session watched and listened to the conference via live video and broadcast. 
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