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Recognize the situation, strengthen the confidence, and strive to achieve the annual goals and tasks.--Huayou Cadre Conference 2020 was held.

Company News
Li Hui&Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/05/12 16:02
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On April 30, Huayou Cadre Conference 2020 was held at the Headquarters of Tongxiang, Chen Xuehua, the Chairman of Huayou Group, delivered an important speech entitled “Recognize the situation, strengthen the confidence, and strive to achieve the annual goals and tasks.” At the conference.
Chairman Chen pointed out in his speech that the cadre conference today is the one that held when the country has fully restored that order of production and life, it is a conference that held in the context of the company facing new situations and new challenges, a conference that held on the occasion of the alternation between the thirteenth and fourteenth five-year plan, it is also a conference that deepens the spirit of the company’s annual conference. The purpose of the conference is to further strengthen mechanism building, cultural building, ideological building and cadre team building, recognize the situation, unify the thinking and firmly complete the confidence and measures to complete the annual goals and tasks. and enhance the endogenous power of the company’s operation and development.
After summarizing the achievements of Huayou in the first quarter of 2020, and in-depth analysis of the internal and external business situation Huayou is now facing, according to Huayou’s actual situation and epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, Chairmen Chen deployed the work plan of the next phase, he proposed the general requirements of “the four unchanged and the three can’t” to all Huayou cadres and employees as the objectives of the three tough battles remain unchanged, the annual business objectives remain unchanged, the project construction objectives remain unchanged, and the key working objectives remain unchanged. In the meantime, epidemic prevention can’t be relaxed, market share can’t be lost, and production can’t stop. He emphasized that Huayou’s cadre team should be striver oriented and should dreams and responsibilities, he said the “the four unchanged and the three can’t” is the working direction and strategy of Huayou in the unusual period, and is also the transformation and implementation of the spirit of Huayou Annual Working Conference, he hoped that all the participating cadres have a clear understanding of the situation, strengthen the confidence, and strive to achieve the company’s annual goals and tasks.
“The situation is pressing, the challenges are unprecedented, the road is tortuous but the industry has a bright future.” Chairman Chen is full of confidence in the future of Huayou and Huayou team, as long as we further carry out the four unchanged and three can’t, and firmly stick onto the annual business ideas of “exploring the market, stabilizing the operation, strengthening the supply and enhancing the R&D”, maintain concentrated, grasp the opportunities and stay cool-minded, Huayou will definitely set foot on a new step after this tough experience, and get a better development opportunity and a larger development space.
During the conference, the content of Huayou Career Program, Huayou Cadre Management Guideline was deeply interpreted. The publication ceremony of Huayou Career Program Interpretation, Huayou Cadre Management Program, Power of Dream ---- The Striving Huayou Employees ---- Huayou Cultural Stories was held. And in the meantime, 2020 Cadre Management Working Report, Huayou Salary Reformation Plan, and Huayou Ideological and Cultural Construction Program 2020 were published.
Huayou Cadre Conference was hosted by Vice Chairman, Senior Vice President Fang Qixue.
The then Senior Partner of China Stone Management Consultation Group, An Qi, deeply interpreted Huayou Career Program.
The representative of Deloitte Consultation Zhang Pengbo interpreted Huayou Cadre Management Program.
Direction of Human Resource, Yang Feng delivered the 2020 Cadre Management Report.
Manager of Corporate Management Department Yuan Zhong delivered Huayou Salary Reformation Plan.
Vice Director of Group Office, Li Hui delivered the Huayou Huayou Ideological and Cultural Construction Program 2020.
President of Huayou, Chen Hongliang, participated the conference via Live Video. All president assistants and above, cadres of directorial level and above in China, key cadre of all business unit and functional department in the headquarters, principals of Huayou holdings and all brother units participated the conference. Cadres in Quzhou, Africa, Beijing, and Indonesia watched and listened to the conference through a live video broadcast.
In the current situation, it’s difficult for anyone. However, even if there is only one star shining in the dart night sky, we will be that shining star. To flinch from difficulties and lower one’s aim. It is no difference than giving up and surrender before a battle starts. This is not what Huayou does. In case of extreme difficulties, Huayou should be able to grasp the nettle and break through the difficulties, this is what Huayou should be like, a powerful and invincible company with character.
The more difficult and stressful it is, the more it proves that we were right. The road to success is always hard. The road which is easy, is not the one to success, it is not the road Huayou should take.
We will see the strength of our own persistence and struggle, and we will see that because of our persistence and struggle, we are creating the history of Huayou.(Excerpted from Chairman Chen Xuehua’s speech at the cadre conference in 2020)
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