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A delegation led by deputy director Wang Maqing of NPC Standing Committee of Jiaxing City came to the company for investigation and guide

Company News
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/01/09 14:18
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     On January 7, a delegation led by deputy director Wang Maqing of NPC Standing Committee of Jiaxing City and secretary of joint CPC committee and director Zhou Shiya of Tax Bureau of Jiaxing City came to Group Headquarters for investigation and guide.


      Accompanied by Group’s president Chen Hongliang, the delegation led by Wang Maqing visited the image display hall of the Company, heard the report given by president Chen on the development history, industrial layout, technological process, and product application of the company, and got to know the company’s conditions in mineral development, development planning, and corporate culture construction in details. 



     After knowing that Huayou Cobalt has continuously accelerated the steps of open development and cooperated with the world’s well-known enterprise to control a commanding point in new energy lithium battery industry in recent years, Wang Maqing said happily, “Hayou Cobalt has seized the opportunity, and actively transformed from cobalt industry to new energy lithium battery industry, to promote its long-term sound development, which has also made important contributions to the local economic development of Tongxiang.”




      According to Wa Maqing, the purpose of their visit this time was mainly to investigate the problems encountered and the matters needing coordinated handling in the enterprise development, and do well in service, so as to promote a better enterprise development. Through visit, they felt the booming development and the promising market in the future of Huayou Cobalt. Huayou has actively practiced the “going-out” development strategy, focusing on layout of global resources from Tongxiang to overseas, and also it has found appropriate methods to promote the transformation and upgrading, attached importance to the development driven by innovation, and continuously seized and promoted the market shares, therefore, leading the sound development of industry.


      Wang Qingma gave precious suggestions and expectations for the better development of the company in the future: firstly, grasp the stage development direction and objective regularity, enhance the anti-risk capability, improve the core competitiveness, and grasp and aim at the development goal of industrial group; second, attach importance to proprietary intellectual property rights, grasp the right of speech in the industry, optimize the investment layout, integrate the resources efficiently, to realize the higher-quality enterprise development, therefore, continuing to make greater contributions to the development of economic society of Tongxiang. 




      President Chen, on behalf of Huayou, expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to Wang Maqing and all leaders for their investigation and guide in Huayou. According to Chen, Huayou Cobalt was established in 2002, and after 16 years of development, it experienced three important stages: start in Tongxiang, develop in Africa, and construct advanced manufacturing base in Quzhou, completed the spatial arrangement with headquarters in Tongxiang, guarantee of resources in Africa, manufacturing base on Quzhou, and market in the world; and developed three major business plates: resource development, nonferrous metallurgy, and lithium battery new energy material. Moreover, on the basis of summarizing more than 10 years of coporate development, Huayou Cobalt started the journey of a new undertaking in 2016, and currently, it is marching towards the vision to become a leader in new energy lithium battery material field in the world!


      We firmly believe that, we will certainly accelerate the realization of strategic goal “Fight Ten Years Two Firsts” through efforts of all Huayou people!

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