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Persevering in Transformation and Upgrading as well as Strategic Orientation and Striving for the 13th Five-Year Plan Targets— 2020 Group Work Conference Kicked off

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/04/07 13:27
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On January 9th, 2020 Group Work Conference kicked off at headquarters in Tongxiang. President Chen Hongliang made a work report themed Persevering in Transformation and Upgrading and Strategic Orientation and Striving for the 13th Five-Year Plan Targets on behalf of the company. Chairman Chen Xuehua and Vice Presidents attended the conference and seated on the rostrum.
Under the leadership of the Chairman, all the cadres and employees of the company served for the main tasks of “adjusting structures, developing markets, stressing researches, encouraging projects, controlling indexes, strengthening foundations, and preventing risks”, implemented the operational idea proposed by the Chairman at the beginning of the year, did a good job in performing the work tasks at all levels, further reinforced industry chain and development ability and produced great results in operation in 2019, President Chen said in his review on 2019 work. The accomplishments are bound up with the Huayou People working hard at all fronts and all positions at home and abroad.
Huayou will have a long way to go in reaching its sustainable development goals as its production and operation tasks will be arduous in 2020 targets, the report stated briefly after examining the problems in 2019 work and studying the current situation. We must persevere in the transformation of “Trinity” and target the mainstream clients in the mainstream markets and the mainstream types of the mainstream products so as to realize leadership in product, leadership in cost. We must stick to the strategic orientation of “Two New Areas and Three Trends” and carrying forward the medium and long term development planning of “Striving for Leadership in Product, Leadership in Cost within Ten Years” as well as the development strategy of the 14th Five-Year Plan. We must prompt the Huayou spirit of “Striving Unceasingly to Become Excellent” and implement the operational idea of “Developing Markets, Stabilizing Operation, Stressing researches, Strengthening Protection”, and strive unceasingly to realize the strategic target of the 13th Five-Year Plan.
To complete the 2020 targets and end the 13th Five-Year Plan perfectly, we shall do a good job at the following five aspects:
Clinch a Complete Victory in Three Tough Battles
2020 is the second year and a year of decisive victory for the “Three Tough Battles for Environmental Protection, Safety and Fire Fighting”. We must have the courage and determination to fight to die for the purpose of solving existing problems, preventing from new problems, and planning well for the future, to clinch a complete victory in three tough battles, and to realize high-quality, sustainable development of the company.
Improve Operation Capacity with a Focus on Benefit
We shall make breakthrough in enhancing raw material supply capability, group production and operation capability, and market development capability and accordingly push forward high-quality development of the group in an all-round way.
Promote Indonesia Project Construction with Integrated Resources
To accelerate reach target output and standard and raise engineering project management level, we shall further integrate resources and gather strength to propel high-quality construction of the Indonesia Project to end the “13th Five-Year Plan” perfectly.
Assist Company Transformation and Upgrading with Innovation
We shall accelerate technical progress in production and operation, strengthen research and development of mainstream products, and reinforce technological management for innovation ability.
Research “14th Five-Year Plan” for Solidifying Foundation
We shall propel the construction of “three basic” projects, perfect organization administration, strengthen regional protection, reform system and mechanism, implement equity financing well and study various development planning ways, actively plan the structure and layout, and therefore strive ahead to realize strategy targets of “Striving for Leadership in Product, Leadership in Cost within Ten Years”.
“We get more chances than challenges, more powers than pressure, and more hopes than difficulties.” Looking ahead, President Chen said confidently that the year of 2020 just started is a year deserves our pamper imagination and wishes. We shall strive to hit a second record of ten billion Yuan in operation revenue, to be ranked in Top 500 Private Enterprises in China, and to realize the target of the “13th Five-Year Plan”!
Group Assistant to President Yuan Zhong declared 2019 Organizational Performance Appraisal Report of the Group and CHO (Chief Human Resource Officer) Yang Feng announced 2020 Organizational Changes and Related Personnel Appointments and Removals on behalf of the company at the conference. Functional unit administration of Huayou Resource Group, Huayou Nonferrous Group, Huayou New Energy Group, Huayou Recycle Technology, subsidiaries and headquarters organized group discussion after the conference, at which they studied the spirit of 2020 work report, identified the work direction, strengthened their conviction and yielded discussion results and exchanged their idea of learning.
Chairman Chen Xuehua will make important address during the conference and hold 2020 Performance Contract Signing Ceremony and 2019 Awarding Ceremony for the Outstanding together with other important agendas.
Assistants to President and headquarter administration above section level, management and the managers of each group, each subsidiary and business division, administration above full section level of each group in Tongxiang, cadres above managerial level on a leave in Tongxiang of Resource Group and over 300 special guests invited by Huayou Holding Group, Bamo and Huachuang attended the conference. Cadres above section level of Huayou Nonferrous in Quzhou and Huayou New Energy can watch the live broadcast online of 2020 work conference. 
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