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Xu Xing, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, visit Huayou for investigation and guidance.

Zhou Chenjie Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/03/12 09:26
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On March 6, Xu Xing, deputy director of Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, accompanied by Sheng Yongjun, secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, visited Huayou to investigate and guide Huayou’s epidemic prevention and control, and operation resumption. Chairman Chen Xuehua warmly received the delegation.
After listening to Chairman Chen’s special report on the company’s epidemic prevention and control, and production and operation, Duputy Director Xu Xing said that he did not expect Huayou’s prevention and control work to be so in place. Under the superposition of the adverse factors of epidemic, the company remains order and stability. It is not easy to make such progress., Despite the severe epidemic situation, Huayou’s rapid response, decisive decision-making, resolute action, and appropriate measures are in place, and it is worth learning for relevant companies. As an outstanding representative of private enterprises in our province, Huayou actively implements the national “GO Global” Strategy, deeply implement the “Belt and Road” initiative, goes to Africa and Indonesia to develop refining industry, and wins sider space for sustainable development of the enterprise. Now operation and production resumption has been fully launched, I hope Huayou will continue to carry forward the spirit of enterprise and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic. The Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government will, as always, support the development of the enterprises, break the bottlenecks that restrict their development, and promote high-quality development of enterprises. At the same time, I hope that Huayou will put more kinetic energy into the new energy Li-ion battery industry and make new contributions to the economy and society.
Chairman Chen extended warm welcome to Deputy director’s and his delegation’s visit, and expressed Huayou’s gratefulness to Provincial Party Committee and Government for their long-term care and support. Chairman Chen said that since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Huayou has quickly established an organization to provide strong protection against the epidemic. Focusing on the “3 preventions, 3 inspections and 3 reminders”, a three-tier prevention and control system covering the HQ, different regions, and difference business units, has been established to ensure that various epidemic prevention measures are implemented quickly and effectively. Huayou actively fulfills its social responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, donated protective coveralls, goggles and masks, sodium hypochlorite disinfection stock solution and other anti-=epidemic, materials to various organizations, totaling more than 1 million yuan. Huayou employees actively responded to the company’s initiative and donated a total of 653,400.00 yuan, of which overseas employees donated 30,600.00 US dollars.
At the same time, Chairman Chen said that the COVID-19 epidemic will inevitably have a certain impact on the development of Huayou, but at this time, the greater awareness and of the risk prevention and control can ensure that stronger confidence in development. Huayou continue to focus on epidemic prevention and control in one hand and production and management in the other, and at the same time, focus on strengthening the precise management and control of the returning employees. Both hands must be tough, and the two battles must be won. Huayou firmly believes that under the care and guidance of superior leaders, in will sure win the battle against epidemic prevention and control and the overall war of economic development. 
Prior to the discussion and exchange, Deputy Director Xu Xing and his delegation visited Huayou’s show room to learn about Huayou’s development history, industrial layout, and development strategy. Feng Zhonghai, member of the Standing Committee of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and executive Deputy Mayor, and Lu Damin, Tongxiang Development and Reform Bureau, accompanied the investigation.
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