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Shi Jixi, Deputy Director of The Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, visited Huayou.

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/03/09 08:31
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On February 25, Shi Jixi, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of The Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress and Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, accompanied by the Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor Yu Huiyou, came to Huayou to investigate and guide Huayou’s epidemic prevention and control, and operation resumption. Chairman Chen Xuehua warmly received the delegation. 
“As a local private enterprise in Tongxiang, Huayou, after 18 years of development and precipitation, has become as influential company in the industry and the world. 2020 is a special year and the company has ushered in its own unique Initiation Rite, I hope that Huayou will continue to improve its governance capabilities and win higher-quality development in the difficult times.” After listening to Chairman Chen’s work report on epidemic prevention and control, and production and operation, Shi Jixi was highly affirmed the effective efforts and measures made by Huayou to grasp the epidemic prevention and control in one hand, and production and operation in the other. He said he has highly hopes to the future development of Huayou.
Shi Jixi said that the main purpose of this trip was to carry out service serveys on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Grovernment of the key enterprises that resumed operation in Tongxiang, coordinate the difficulties the enterprises are facing during the operation oand production resumption, and promote enterprises’ development. Development is fundamental, epidemic prevention and control must be grasped, while production and operation resumption cannot not be relaxed for an instant. The measures of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in epidemic prevention and control and the development of enterprises shall be scientifically accurate, solid and effective. Shi Jixi, urged local governments and enterprises to follow the important speech addressed by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the recent co-ordination of the nCoV epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work deployment conference as a guide to adhere to the problem orientation and strengthen precise policy implementation. We must win the battle against the epidemic and obtain steady resumption to ensure that the epidemic can be prevented and the development of the enterprises is sustainable.
Chairman Chen welcomed Deputy Director Shi Jixix’s visit to Huayou and expressed his gratitude for the long-term care and support of Huayou by the Provincial Party Committee and Government. Chairmen Chen said that since the outbreak of the nCoV, as a continuous production enterprise, Huayou actively organized joint prevention and control through multiple measures such as organization establishment and strengthening control, purchased the urgently needed epidemic prevention medical supplies worldwide to help prevent epidemics. On the front line, we will work together to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, Chairman Chen said that the nCoV epidemic will inevitably affect the development of Huayou, but at this time, greater awareness of the risk prevention and control can ensure the stronger the confidence in development. Huayou will continue to focus on epidemic prevention and control in one hand and production and management in the other, and at the same time, focus on strengthening the precise management and control of the returning employees. Both hands must be tough, and the two battles must be won. Huayou firmly believes that under the care and guidance of superior leaders, in will sure win the battle against epidemic prevention and control and the overall war of economic development.
Prior to the discussion and exchange, Deputy Diretor Shi Jixi and his delegation visited Huayou’s show room to learn about the company’s development history, industrial layout, product applications, technology research and development, and corporate culture. Zhang Linhong, director of the standing committee of the CPC of Tongxiang City, Zhang Jianlin, deputy director, Tu Jianzhong, secretary of the Party working committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and Secretary of the Party Committee of Gaoqiao Subdistrict, accompanied the investigation.
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