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Neglect Neither Epidemic Prevention nor production! The practice of this enterprise in Tongxiang was promoted all around the Province.

Media Report
Adopted from Read Jianxing
2020/02/20 15:13
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Q: what preparations should companies make for epidemic prevention and control before operation resumption? A: before operation resumption, the enterprise should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control according to the requirements of the health department, implement specialized epidemic prevention and control personnel, set up enterprise temperature measuring point or temporary isolation room, equipped with epidemic prevention and control supplies, such as protective masks, disinfectant, infrared thermometer.
Recently, Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology launched the “14 questions for industrial enterprises’ epidemic prevention and control”, through the 14 questions, flow chart and other forms, the condition of operation resumption is clarified, operation resumption process is released, and enterprise management is published. It obtained many thumb ups from the local enterprises, it also is adopted and promoted by the official website of provincial department of Economy and Information Technology.
reporters learned that the introduction and promotion of these highly operable measures is highly related with an enterprise in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. which pioneered the epidemic prevention and control pratise within their campus, and this practice provides a model for other enterprise. Let see how they did it.
Plan ahead and leave no one behind.
As early as January 21, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. launched epidemic prevention and control measures. A joint prevention and control leading group was set up in no time to clarify the prevention and control standards, and take effective measures to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.
the safety and well-being of the all employees is always the first priority. Protecting employees is protection the company. Said Chairman Chen Xuehua.
Huayou Cobalt is an enterprise with continuous production, the production department did not stop for the CNY. Temperature measuring points were set up at the shuttle bus stops and the entrances and exits of the company, staff with the temperature above 37.3 degree Celsius will be advised to go home for observation and rest, or seek professional medical treatment if necessary. All staff must wear masks all day long in the office area and on the shuttle buses. Strictly in accordance with the principle of “specified time, place and area”, food will be delivered separately to every post to avoid assembly.
After careful troubleshooting, 318 persons did not leave for CNY, among which, 279 persons are from production department, 39 persons from administrative service and logistics. There are 9 employees from Hubei who returned home for CNY, Management stipulated that the heads of the related department should be responsible for monitoring and communicating with each one by phone, requiring them not to return to Tongxiang until the epidemic ends. In addition, there are 11 employees who has history contacting Wuhan or Hubei, management required them to isolate themselves 14 days since their last contact, they cannot resume working until a phone interview to determine that they are physically fine to resume working after 14 days. For the 9 people who have no history related to Wuhan and Hubei, but have a cold or cough during CNY, management required them to stay home until February 9, and they can resume working on February 10, if there is no abnormal physical condition. In addition, management also required that the department heads and above and 42 employees in key positions to arrive on January 31, in advance to take charge of epidemic prevention and control as well as safety and environment protecting during production. The other 418 employees are scheduled to start on February 10. 
In addition to self-prevention and control, Huayou Cobalt also actively purchased materials from Germany, US, South Africa, and other countries and donated them to local hospitals to help them win the war against the outbreak.
The prevention and control plan is highly detailed
“What to do on the way to work, what to do in the company, what to do in the office, what to do in the meeting, what to do in the canteen?” this is the contents of the catalogue in the “knowledge manual on prevention and control of nCoV pneumonia” first edition published by Huayou. This 16-paged knowledge manual explains the knowledge of prevention and control in detail for each employee, and provides the operation guide, making it clear at a glance. This is a mininature of how Huayou plans the prevention and control very specifically.
According to the summary of the staff situation in Tongxiang, the plan was also specified into four contents, including the physical condition, of the staff, whether there is cough, sneeze, fever, weakness, chest tightness and other symptoms, whether the employee has a history of contact with confirmed or suspected infected persons, whether the employee has been to or from Wuhan recently, whether the employee’s family members have any of the above symptoms or history of exposure.
According to different personnel, Huayou cobalt also carried out differentiated prevention and control measure. Firstly, for the staff returning to Tongxiang, from Hubei Province, the head of each department of the related person was order to be the person responsible monitoring and communicating with the employee, requiring them to resume working after the outbreak ends. If any staff from Wuhan and Hubei returns to Tongxiang, each department should immediately report to the management to hospitalize the employee to the hospital designated by Tonxiang Protection Group for diagnosis 14-day isolation observation, and tracking the situation during the isolation period. Secondly, for employees passing through Hubei, they can only resume working after 14 days from their last contact with Hubei if their physical condition is good.
Thirdly, for employees who have close contact with Hubei personnel within one month, they are required to isolate themselves for 14 days from the date of last contact. And they can only come back to their posts if there is no abnormal physical condition. In order to protect employees’ rights and interests, Huayou proposed to subsidize the treatment costs incurred by employees in addition to the prevention and social insurance. At the same time, for those who were isolated for abnormal temperature, or stayed in Wuhan or Hubei not being able to resume working, will be considered paid leave.
Prevention and control measures is highly strict.
In order to ensure that the prevention and control measures are in place, Huayou arranged responsible departments for each job, for example, the administration department is responsible for arranging disinfection twice a day for canteen and once a day for the office area to ensure the in-depth disinfection of key areas and public areas. The Brand Construction department and the Information Center shall strengthen the publicity of nCoV pneumonia, remind the employees with a message through the SAP system everyday and improve the knowledge and awareness of prevention and control. The procurement center is responsible for emergency procurement of the protective materials. Joint prevention and control mechanism leading group members must keep mobile phones open for 24 hours a day. 
For other business and engineering units, it is necessary to accurately grasp the accurate time and personnel information of the representatives, drivers, escorts and migrant workers from Wuhan and its surrounding areas, and report them to the human resource department as soon as possible. Suppliers, customers, drivers, escort personnel, workers and other related parties from Wuhan and its surrounding areas, need to undergo a full inspection in advance to ensure no suspected symptoms such as coughing, cold, fever. Once the abnormal body health incurs or other condition hard to control, all foreign personnel are not allow to entering the factory before the relevant hidden dangers are eliminated.
At the same time, considering the distribution of enterprises in different regions, Huayou also distributed the management and control to four areas such as Tongxiang area, Quzhou area, Africa area, and Indonesia area and dispatched special personnel to supervise the progress of the prevention and control works.
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