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Li Li and his delegation from National New Energy Automobile Industry Research Group visited Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2020/01/21 16:02
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On December 24, Li Li, Inspector of Energy Conservation and Resource Utilizatoin Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led a research team to visit Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park to conduct a survey on the development of new energy vehicle industry. Chairman Chen Xuehua warmly received the delegation.


At the symposium, Chairman Chen reported on the exploration and achievements made in the comprehensive utilization of retired power batteries for new energy vehicle. After listening to the report, Li Li gave high recognition to Huayou’s work in the comprehensive utilization of retired batteries, and also to the layout of new enerty Li-ion battery materials and the achievements of Huayou’s development. Li Li said that the recovery, storage, cascade utilization, dismantling and crushing, and metallurgical regeneration of the decommissioning power batteries, and other problems are the main topics of this research. As one of the first batch of compliance enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MOIT)’s “The Industrial Standard conditions for the comprehensive utilization of used power battery of new energy vehicles”, Huayou cobalt has played a good demonstration role in the recycling and comprehensive utilization of power battery of new energy vehicles and Huayou also played a positive role in promoting the development of the whole industry.


Chairman Chen expressed his warm welcome to the new energy automobile industrial research group led by Inspector Li Li, and also thanked all the leaders and experts for their presence and guidance. Chairman Chen said, after recent years of development and construction, Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park has formed from the retirement of new energy power battery recycling to new energy power battery material production of the integration of the whole life cycle of the industrial chain. In this process, Huayou actively explore the new development model of Li-ion battery, power battery in the comprehensive utilization of a series of achievements Huayou will unswervingly take the path of green development and strengthening the comprehensive utilization of retired power battery technology and green and intelligent equipments. Huayou will continue to improve the power battery recycling system construction and recycling market layout, focus on building green manufacturing advanced model create new energy Li-ion battery recycling raw materials of new development model.

At the symposium, Mr. Bao Wei, Assistant to the president and GM of Huayou recycling technology, also introduced the work of recycling technology in the comprehensive utilization of retired power batteries. The two parties exchanged views on the batter development of the comprehensive utilization of decommissioning power batteries in the future.


Before the discussion and exchange, the research group of new energy automobile industry visit the automatic dismantling workshop of retired power batteries, the hydrometallurgical production line of recycling materials, the production line of Huahai precursor and other production lines, and got a detailed understanding of Huayou’s recycling, dismantling and regeneration of power batteries of new energy vehicles.


The Comprehensive Utilization Department of New Energy Conservation Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, The Circular Economy Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Power Grid Department of the National Energy Administration, the Green Department of Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology, the Power Department of the Energy Administration, the Industrial Department of the Provincial Development and reform commission, and other relevant leaders formed the delegation to visit Huayou.