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Build together, Win the future together. ---- The grand opening ceremony of China Huayou The Fourth Annual International Conference was held.

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/12/26 13:48
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Build together, win the future together. On December 5, the opening ceremony of China Huayou The Fourth Annual International Conference was held in Tongxiang. Over 600 representatives of Huayou’s customer, supplier, financial institutions, security institutions, medias from more than 31 countries get together, and discuss the development plan to create a better future. 
Chairman of Huayou, Mr. Chen Xuehua, Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, Mr. Yu Huiyou, Coordinating Minister of Maritime affairs and Investment of Indonesia, Mr. Luhute, Secretary of the Party Committee of the financial division of China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd., GM, Mr. Ma Lin, Vice President of The Export-Import Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch, Mr. Jiang Yangping, Vice President of LG Chem, GM of Advanced Material Division, Mr. Lee Hyangmok, Secretary of the Party Work Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Quzhou Green Industry Cluster Area, Mr. Liu Genhong, GM of POSCO Chemical, Mr. Min Kyungzoon, Senior Vice President of Battery Materials, BASF (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Michael Baier, and many other distinguished leaders and guests attended the conference. The opening ceremony was hosted by President of Huayou, Mr. Chen Hongliang.
Chairman Chen Xuehua extended his warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels, guests and friends from all walks of life, Chen said that since the “13th Five-Year Plan”, Huayou has been adhering to the “Trinity” transformation and upgrading strategy of controlling upstream resources, promote the downstream market, and improve the capabilities in the middle. Guided by the strategic orientation of “Two New Areas, Three Trends.”, Huayou has approached tohe world with a more open attitude. In the history of Huayou’s development, the year 2019 has witnessed the largest number of cooperation projects, the largest investment and the widest space span. The first phase of the four joint venture projects between Huayou, and LG Chem, Huayou and POSCO were basically completed. Two Industrial Park Cooperation Projects in Indonesia are in steady progress. There are not only Going-Global cooperations, but also Bringing-in cooperations. There are not only cooperations on the resource side, but also industrial chain cooperations. In the practice of “Cooperation for a win-win future”, a new world of transformation and upgrading has been opened, and a new pattern of the new undertaking has been built.
The path ahead is long and full of obstacles, but we will definitely reach the destination if we keep on fight our way. Huayou is full of confidence. “The new energy vehicle industry is entering a new stage of accelerated development,” President Xi Jinping said in a congratulatory letter to the 2019 World New Energy Vehicle Conference held in Boao, Hainan Province in July. Chairman Chen said, both in Boao Consensus and the national level planning vision about new energy vehicles, revealed that the prospect of new energy vehicle industry. Given this, Huayou will strengthen its conviction, sincerely expect to practice the philosophy of “Cooperation for a win-win future” together with the enterprises in the Li-ion Battery Industry, and advance together with these enterprises hand in hand to realize the splendid planning vision.
In his speech, Mayor Yu huiyou stated that Huayou started in Tongxiang in 2002, entered Africa to realize its transnational operation in 2003, built an advanced manufacturing base for Chinese Cobalt industry in 2012, became the first IPO company in Chinese Cobalt Industry in 2015, answering to the call of the Belt and Road Initiative, entered Indonesia, and was listed a top 500 Chinese private enterprises in manufacturing industry in 2018. Along its way, Huayou has continuously enhanced its scientific research and innovation capability, continuously improved its business efficiency, and increasingly consolidated its leading position in the industry. It has made great strides towards to the goal of “maintaining the leading position in the global cobalt industry and becoming the leader in the global new energy Li-ion battery material industry.” Huayou has blazed a path of development, innovation and openness with the characteristic of Huayou. China Huayou The fourth annual international conference will set up a good platform for enhancing friendship and deepening the cooperation. The mayor hopes that all guests can have deep exchanges, discuss and reach consensus so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
His Excellency, Minister Luhute, pointed out in his speech that Indonesia has a vast territory and abundant natural resources, especially nickel, cobalt and lithium resources which are the key resources for new energy vehicle batteries. Indonesia is also one of the countries with the richest laterite nickel resource in the world. With the severe impact of global warming, the development momentum of new energy vehicle industry is strong. High-nickel power batteries are gradually favored by the industry and become the mainstream. Indonesian government is making unremitting efforts to build a competitive new energy li-ion battery industrial chain.
His excellency Minister Luhute stressed that China’s the belt and road initiatives coincided with the Indonesia’s “Global Maritime Fulcrum” strategy, and is highly compatible with it. In recent years, the Indonesian government has continuously improved its mechanisms and institutions, and created a sound business environment. The Indonesian economy has strong momentum and unprecedented market potential. The Indonesian government will further support Chinese enterprises like Huayou, Tsingshan and Zhenshi to invest in Indonesia. Indonesia sincerely expects more Chinese friends to invest in Indonesia in the future and work together for a win-win future.
GM of CITIC Securities Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Fang Hao, Director of Commerce and Responsible purchasing of Fairphone, Lady Monique Lempers, Vice president and GM of Advanced Material Division of LG Chem, Mr. Lee Hyungmok, Chairman of Hunan Shanshan Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Peng Wenjie, as the guests and customer representatives addressed the opening ceremony.
Guided by the concept of “Cooperation for a win-win future”, business negotiations, press conferences, strategic cooperation signing ceremony, annual prize awarding ceremony, round table dialogue and other activities will also be held during the conference, to further consolidate consensus, enhance mutual trust, deepen the cooperation and achieve mutual benefit.
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