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After 300 days and nights Working, the 30,000-ton Electro-Winning Copper Project in Lukuni, Democratic Republic of Congo was completed and put into operation!

Company News
Tang Changhong
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/10/31 13:40
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"Now, I declare that the Lukuni 30,000-ton Electro-Winning Copper Project in Huayou Resources Africa, has been officially completed and put into operation", by Ma Changnian, Assistant to the President of the Group and General Manager of the Management Headquarters of the African region, fireworks broke out in all directions. Amid thunderous applause, the ceremony for the completion and commissioning of Lukuni 30,000-ton Electro-Winning Copper Project was ceremoniously held at 8:30 a.m. local time on October 27 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
GHISLAIIN ROBERT LUBABA BULUMA, Mayor of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, attended the ceremony on behalf of the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and expressed warm congratulations on the official completion and commissioning of the Lukuni Project. He also spoke highly of Huayou's contribution to the local economic and social development. He expressed the hope that the Huayou would continue to carry forward their friendship and hopes, deepen cooperation and exchanges, take solid actions to promote economic development, benefit the local people, achieve greater common development and progress, and continue to write a new chapter in the development of China-Congo friendship. 
Shen Jianqing, Executive Deputy General Manager of Management Headquarters of Huayou Resources Africa, read out a congratulatory letter from Chen Hongliang, President of the Group. The President said in the letter that the commissioning of Lukuni 30,000-ton Electro-Winning Copper Project marks another solid step forward in the control and development of strategic resources for cobalt and copper, and also marks the speeding up of the company's integrated mining and metallurgy business model development, which has promoted the faster and better development of Huayou as a whole. President Chen hopes that the project cadres and staff will make intensive research on technology, strengthen management, and ensure good service for all units. With a strong sense of mission and responsibility, build the Lukuni Project an industry benchmark, and strive to push the construction of resource guarantee to a higher level, thus setting an example for friendly cooperation between China and Congo. 
Ma Changnian, on behalf of Management Headquarters of Huayou Resources Africa, said in his speech that the Lukuni Project has effectively implemented the principles of high efficiency, energy conservation and green development, and has become a modern production line with integrated mining and metallurgy and advanced technology. The construction of the Lukuni Project has created a good atmosphere for officers to start their own businesses. We hope that all cadres and workers will take advantage of their high enthusiasm and morale, give full play to their advantages in technology, talents, equipment and location, take the lead in technology to enhance their development stamina, concentrate their efforts, and take advantage of the situation to achieve the output standard of the Lukuni 30,000-ton Electro-Winning Copper Project as soon as possible, and make new contributions to the Group's second entrepreneurship. 
During the celebration, representatives of the participating organizations, such as Xu Xiusheng, Project Manager of BGRIMM Technology Group, Zhang Jiangwu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Congo Mining Company of China Railway No.9 Group Co., Ltd., JEAN JACQUES CHOLA, Deputy Mayor of KIPUSHI, and the local government made speeches, and NGOY KIHETE ALAIN, a staff of the Democratic Republic of Congo made a speech and led the employees to take the solemn oath of induction. During the celebration, the public welfare theme activity of "Affection Community, Love Ten Thousand Families" was held, and the opening ceremony of "CDM Avenue" authorized by the local government was held. 
More than 50 guests, including Luo Xun, General Manager of Xinda Co., Ltd., Li Weidong, General Manager of Cuantie Electric (Tianjin) Group (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Fang Junnan, General Manager of Rich Mark, Su Zhongfu, Assistant President of the Group, Deputy General Manager of Management Headquarters of Huayou Resources Africa, Lubumbashi Municipal Government, KIPUSHI Township Government, ANNEXE Township Government officials and representatives of outsourcing units, attended and witnessed the launching ceremony. 
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