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Good news: Quzhou Huayou wins honors including 2018 Quality Award of Quzhou People’s Government

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2019/02/15 11:58
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On February 12, Quzhou Commendation Conference for Development Contributors took place, themed at “Quzhou, An Economically-Vital and Livable City”, and attended by Quzhou’s four leading bodies, including Xu Wenguang, Secretary of the CPC Quzhou Municipal Committee and Tang Feifan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Quzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Quzhou Municipal People’s Government. The Social Contribution Award, the Yield per Mu Benefit Award, the Emerging Industry Growth Award, the SME Innovation Growth Award, the Industrial Enterprise Improvement Award and other awards were granted to relevant contributors. Quzhou Huayou Cobalt New Materials Co., Ltd. was granted the 2018 Quzhou Municipal People’s Government Quality Award, the Second Award for Social Contribution and the Industrial Enterprise Improvement Award. Chen Xuerong, Vice President of Zhejiang Huayou Holding Group Co., Ltd. won the 2018 Quzhou Mayor Special Award- Enterprise Investment Promotion Information Award.


Xu extended warm congratulations to the award winners. The goal and vision of “Quzhou, An Economically-Vital and Livable City” meet the requirements of the provincial committee and government, show the actualities of Quzhou and the yearning of Quzhou people, reflect Quzhou’s urban brand of “the Confucian Hometown in Southern China, and A City Cited for High Moral”, and display Quzhou’s spirit as a hopeful, ambitious and warm city. He encouraged the winners to work solidly, keep going and set good examples, expecting that Quzhou’s enterprises would follow the examples of the advanced, forge ahead, make innovation, further improve quality and efficiency with focus on transformation, grow stronger, and make new contributions to speeding up the economic and social development of Quzhou and developing Quzhou into "an Economically-Vital and Livable City”.


In 2018, Quzhou Huayou made every effort in implementing its transformation strategy of “Controlling Resources Upstream, Expanding the Downstream Markets, Improving the Capacity in the Middle”, persisted in the development strategy of “Two New Area and Three Trends ”, implemented the development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness, sharing”, implemented the overall work requirements of “10-billion-yuan operation revenue, industrial breakthrough and management reform”, focused on improving three “elements” (quality, cost, benefit), conducted outstanding performance management, kept strengthening innovation drive and built core competitiveness, registering primary business revenues of 5 billion yuan, and significant economic and social benefits.


Looking forward to the future, deeming the award winning as an opportunity and a new starting point, Quzhou Huayou will focus on deepening the supply-side structural reform, aim at objectives, implement the competition strategy of “product leading and cost leading”, stick to the orientation of “green and cost-effective model manufacturer”, stay focused on two elements and two leaderships, comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the nonferrous metals industry, and make new contributions to promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Quzhou and building Quzhou into a beautiful garden.

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