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Focus on three major tasks, enhance the profitability, and strive for accomplishing the annual target tasks –Group held the mid-year work conference of 2019

Company News
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/07/18 14:52
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On July 17~18, Group’s mid-year work conference of 2019 was held in Thousand Island Lake. At the meeting, they comprehensively summarized the achievements obtained by the Group in the first half year of 2019, analyzed the business environment encountered, and specified the target tasks of the next half year of 2019. Moreover, broad cadres and employees were called upon and mobilized to see clearly the severe situation, focus on the three major tasks, and gather the powerful strength to meet difficulties and face challenges, so as to strive for accomplishing the annual target tasks!



At the meeting, Group’s chairman Chen Xuehua made an important speech themed by “facing the difficulty, breaking the difficulty, comprehensively focusing and accomplishing three major tasks”. Chairman Chen said that, the semi-annual work report themed by “focusing on three major tasks, enhancing the profitability, and striving for accomplishing the annual target tasks” made by president Chen Hongliang on behalf of the company gave an arrangement of work in the next half year and specified the work requirements, so each unit should focus on three major tasks, learn and implement them seriously. Chairman Chen required that the entire company should unify the thoughts and actions on three major tasks, business departments should advance bravely around three major tasks, and functional departments should provide professional support around the three major tasks, to form the powerful resultant force of facing and breaking the difficulty. 


After thorough analysis on industry environment, chairman Chen pointed out that, more difficulties meant more opportunities; more pressures meant more determinations to overcome them. In the face of staged challenges, we should maintain the mental concentration and strategic concentration, and seek for prudent operation and stable development; continue to adhere to strategic orientation, and lead the rapid development of industry; go with the flow, and promote the enterprise transformation and upgrading; and focus on three major tasks, and support the corporate sustainable development. “Benefit is the basis, safety and environment are foundations, and reorganization is breakthrough.” How to complete the given target tasks of the second half year of 2019, chairman Chen emphasized the work in the following five aspects: 


Lay a solid foundation of safety and environmental protection.

Grasp the operating plan.

Develop the international market.

Promote the acquisition and reorganization.

Increase investment in science and technology.


“The transformation of cadre team is an important mark to judge whether an enterprise is successful in transformation” said by chairman Chen. We should be responsible for cadre management and transformation according to the “customer-centered, and value-oriented” ideas and methods. In cadre team construction, Huayou’s cadres were required by chairman Chen to make breakthroughs from three directions to improve their own professional abilities: 1. advocate self-criticism, to create the positive atmosphere; 2. strengthen the awareness of responsibility, to improve the cadres’ execution abilities; and 3. grasp the value orientation, and promote the system and mechanism reforms. 



At the meeting, president Chen Hongliang, on behalf of the Group, made a work report themed by Focus on Three Major Tasks, Enhance the Profitability, and Struggle for Fulfilling the Annual Target Tasks, comprehensively reviewing the work completion conditions of the first half year, deeply analyzing the problems and challenges faced by the company, and making deployments and arrangements of the work in the next half year.


Based on the current business environment, the guiding ideology for the work of the next half year was made clear: follow the overall requirements of “prudent operation, and stable development”, take the customers as center, value creation as orientation, and “product leadership, and cost leadership” competitive strategy as path, improve “quality, cost, benefit”, three major elements, strengthen the structure adjustment, enhance the risk management and control, focus on three major tough fights, improve the profitability, and struggle for fulfilling the annual target tasks!


The priorities in the key and critical points were to realize the following three goals:

I. Focusing on benefit: follow the “customer-centered” principle, and take more measures simultaneously, and march from more paths;

II. Focusing on three major tough fights: complete the annual target tasks determined in the responsibility list of three major tough fights, and tamp the foundation of operation and management;

Third, focusing on B&M merger and acquisition: realize the successful restructuring of B&M Science and Technology, and maintain the industrial development momentum.


In the end, president Chen required the participating cadres to unify their thoughts to the company deployment, focusing on benefit, three major tough fights, B&M merger and acquisition, insisting on strategic orientation, problem orientation and goal orientation, strengthening the overall consciousness, rule consciousness, and risk awareness, insisting the goal and enhancing the confidence under the leadership of chairman Chen, to struggle for accomplishing the annual target goals! 



At the meeting, following agendas were completed, including issue and unscrambling of Cadre Management Program of Huayou, adjustment of organization, announcement of related personnel appointment and removal documents, work report of each industrial group and functional unit, signing of economic responsibility system of the second half year of 2019, declarations and speeches of industrial group and core business team.




At the end of meeting, chairman Chen Xuehua led all personnel to read out the oath of Huayou and took a group photo to mark the occasion. Those attending the meeting also included the responsible leaders and heads of functional departments of Headquarters; leader and each responsible leader of Industrial Group, as well as the heads of main function and business departments of Industrial Group; and leaders of subsidiaries of Industrial Group. 



Grow capable in the face of adversity. At the critical moment of the company’s transformation development, to fight with pressure, difficulty and adversity is the struggle we often mention of! Because of difficulty, success is rate; because of difficulty, struggle is meaningful. 


“As the Heaven moves forward and forever, a gentleman shall strive along with perseverance”. Forging ahead under the pressure and struggling tenaciously in the face of difficulties can manifest the elegant demeanor of fighters. We will focus on three major tasks, face the difficulties and advance forwards with the spirit “ceaseless self-improvement, and pursuit of excellence” and the struggling state “indomitable struggle and brave fighting”. (Extracted from chairman Chen Xuehua’s concluding remarks at the work conference of 2019 of Huayou)
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