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A delegation led by Mr. Tatsuya Watanuki, Operation Officer of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, visited Huayou Industrial Park in Quzhou

Company News
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/07/02 14:39
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On July 2, a delegation led by Mr. Tatsuya Watanuki, Operation Officer of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, visited Huayou Industrial Park in Quzhou for investigation. Group’s chairman Chen Xuehua, vice president Xu Wei, and general manager Bao Wei of Huayou Cycling received the delegation warmly.


Chairman Chen Xuehua extended a warm welcome to Tatsuya Watanuki for his visit to Huayou and expressed thanks to Toyota Tsusho Corporation for its attention to Huayou’s cause. Mr. Chen introduced the industry plates and their future development planning of Huayou to Mr. Tatsuya Watanuki, and focused on the introduction on its strategic measures of layout in Indonesia to develop nickel resources. After 17 years of development, Huayou has built the spatial pattern “with resources guarantee in overseas, manufacturing base in Quzhou, and market in the world”. Huayou is active to develop the integrated industry at home and in Indonesia, and in this process, Huayou firmly believes that it would not realize sustainable development through fighting alone, but it should insist on the open career and layout of building together, so as to realize the long-term development of winning the future together.




“Openness is the only road for development of Huayou, and Huayou will obtain a great development only through great opening-up.” According to Chen, Huayou’s four major industry sectors: resources development, nonferrous metallurgy, new energy lithium battery material manufacturing, and cycle power, would follow the development strategy of co-construction and sharing with the outside, and Huayou would cooperate with the excellent enterprises of industry chain for effective linkage and complementation, to realize the value maximization. Toyota Tsusho Corporation has the coherence points with Huayou in resources, battery materials, and cyclic utilization, and both of they are expected to crash sparks and discuss new cooperation mode in the subsequent exchanges. They are hoped to strengthen the interactive communication and deeply dig the potential of cooperation. Huayou will continuously follow the open and sharing development ideas, to lay a foundation for their further cooperation, and promote the development of new energy automobile industry together!



Tatsuya Watanuki, on behalf of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, expressed thanks to chairman Chen Xuehua for his warm reception in the midst of pressing affairs. According to Tatsuya Watanuki, after visiting Huayou Industrial Park in Quzhou and hearing the speeches delivered by chairman Chen, Toyota Tsusho Corporation had a further understanding to Huayou, and expressed appreciation and congratulations to Huayou for its industrial layout, focus on new energy lithium battery industry development and achievements obtained. 


Tatsuya Watanuki said, “Toyota Tsusho Corporation, as the unique company under Toyota, has possessed about 1,000 holding or shareholding enterprises throughout the world, and quite a lot of its related businesses have been developed around Toyota motor, so they both have a great space and opportunity of cooperation in new energy automobile battery materials. The visit to Huayou to communicate with it this time is the starting point of cooperation between Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Huayou, and it’s believed that, in the future development process, they can keep close communication and reach more consensuses, to cultivate the results of cooperation. 


Before the symposium, the delegation led by Tatsuya Watanuki also visited the production workshop, research & development center, resources regeneration place, and other places at the production line of Huayou Industrial Park in Quzhou. Operation Officer Akio Hamada and Operation Officer Jun Karato of Toyota Tsusho Corporation also took part in the visit and exchange. 
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