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Chairman Chen Xuehua visits Huayou Quzhou Industry Park during the Spring Festival

Company News
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2019/02/14 11:59
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During the Spring Festival from February 8 to 10, Chairman Chen Xuehua and President Chen Hongliang led Huayou’s senior executives to Huayou Quzhou Industry Park, to visit the cadres and employees still performing duties during the Spring Festival, and listened to the work reports of Huayou Nonferrous Metals Industry Group and Huayou New Energy Industry Group.


Chen Xuehua visited Resources Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd., a Huayou Nonferrous Metals Industry Group company, the Ferric Phosphate Business Division under Quzhou Huayou Cobalt New Materials Co., Ltd., the ternary workshop and Huahai facility under Huayou New Energy Industry Group, and other production facilities. During the visit, he stopped to watch every now and then, listened to the introduction to the trial-production progress of these facilities, the construction progress of production lines and the progress of target hitting commissioning, and made arrangement for solving the problems existing on construction sites.




After Chen Xuehua inspected the production site and gave instructions, Huayou Nonferrous Metals Industry Group organized key cadres of the production facilities to discuss the operation plan for 2019. At the meeting, Chen made clear the Group’s key targets in 2019 once again, and discussed the accurate and independent accounting of the production facilities by accounting unit division.

On the construction site of the Huahai facility under Huayou New Energy Industry Group, Chen Xuehua said that the Huahai was an important facility for implementing Huayou’s “thirteenth five-year” development plan as Huayou’s strategic project in the field of lithium battery new energy materials. The facility, which goes with the favorable trend of the national energy industry, the strong momentum of Quzhou’s industrial economy and Huayou’s new development strategy of “Two New Areas and Three Trends”, is a strategic base achieving breakthrough in production, sales and high-end product R&D in Huayou’s new energy sector. 

Chen raised requirements and expectations on the facility construction and trial-production: (i) Safety. Safety responsibility is very critical to the facility construction. Relevant departments are required to make every effort to control construction risks, strengthen daily inspection, prohibit illegal operations and duly correct potential safety hazards; (ii)  Facility and product quality. “Quality comes first in business plans”, relevant departments are required to establish strict quality management systems and strengthen communication to ensure the effective implementation of standards; (iii) Acceleration. Time and space wait for no man. As the new energy industry changes with each passing day, Huayou has to race against time in order to seize the opportunity in market competition. According to the overall requirements of trial production, relevant departments should have a strong sense of time and efficiency, be responsible, initiatively coordinate and fully advance trial-production, enhance the awareness that “time is benefit”, strengthen responsibility, race against time, make all-out efforts on implementation and resolutely win the tough battle of key projects.


Chen extended thanks to all domestic and foreign cadres and employees sticking to their posts during the Spring Festival, saluting Huayou strivers who had made unremitting efforts to build Huayou into a global leader in the field of lithium battery new energy materials. He encouraged all Huayou strivers to focus on goals, make concerted efforts, stay united, carry forward the spirit of “improvement and excellence”, transform through upstream resources control, market development and own capacity improvement, stick to the development strategy of “Two New Areas and Three Trends”, implement the competition strategy of “product leading and cost leading”, develop steadily, accelerate transformation, and make unremitting efforts to fulfill the annual targets.


Huayou will make comprehensive efforts in advancing project construction in 2019. These projects of great significance and far-reaching influence on the restructuring and market development of Huayou will boost its industrial advantage and speed up its transformation. Guided by the 2019 work report and the Chairman’s important speech, Huayou strivers will achieve a rolling victory in project construction by overcoming all hardships and making power together. 
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