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Outperformers in the market are often take the lead in practices-Huayou Officer Conference 2019 just held

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2019/02/21 11:56
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On February 18, Huayou Officers Conference 2019 took place at Huayou’s headquarters in Tongxiang. The conference released Huayou’s Ideological and Cultural Construction Outline in 2019 and initiated the construction of the officers management system. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou attended the conference and delivered an important speech. Chen Hongliang, President of Huayou hosted the conference.



Outperformers in the market often take the lead in practices. Today we are holding our first cadre conference in 2019 here which is the first important conference after our annual working conference, said Chen Xuehua. Time and space wait for no man. The situation and task we are facing are inspiring. In this context, we need to unify our thoughts and actions, pool strength, mobilize all employees to devote themselves to starting the new undertaking and work hard towards the annual targets!


“Just now we released our ideological and cultural construction outline in 2019 and initiated the development of the cadre management system and strategic projects, which are the three major matters of our production and operation in 2019,” said Chen Xuehua. The ideological and cultural construction outline reviews Huayou’s ideological outcomes, and the initiation of cadre management system construction marks that Huayou’s cadre team building has entered a new stage.


Huayou’s Ideological and Cultural Construction Outline in 2019 which makes clear thinking and methods in regard to Huayou’s current production operation, construction and development facts and executive team building, is Huayou’s ideological guide, Chen Xuehua stressed. He expected Huayou’s cadres at all levels to study and practice diligently, gain experience in studies and deepen understandings in practices, enhance ideological understanding and improve working capacity.




A great cause calls for like-minded people. Chen Xuehua underlineded the significance of cadre project construction. Developing cadre management system properly was a major mission concerning the overall and permanent development of Huayou, said he, requiring that all cadres of Huayou should take active part in system construction, and project teams should renovate methods and work hard to strive for project success. His remarks indicated the direction and path for cadre project construction. He required that all members of project groups should advance cadre project construction from the aspects of spiritual guidance, capacity support, institutional guarantee and measurement standards, and pool strength and intellectual support for the development plan of “Fight Ten Year Two First”.


“We should implement the strategic plan while conducting ideological culture construction and officer team building,” said Chen Xuehua. The strategy is a mean of integrating resources, a tool of coping with uncertainties and a path of improving officers’ ability. The fundamental function of the strategy is to indicate the direction and it is essentially an ability. It is expected to promote the implementation of strategic plans through cadre team building and improve cadres’ ability of strategic thinking and strategic execution through the implementation of strategic planning.




When you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you'll ride the wind and cleave the waves. At the end of his speech, Chen Xuehua said as long as all Huayou strivers stayed united and worked together, we would achieve our goal and vision! Facing challenges and opportunities, all Huayou strivers should continue to transform through trinity of “Controlling Resources Upstream, Expanding the Downstream Markets, Improving the Capacity in the Middle”, stick to the development strategy of “Two New Areas and Three Trends”, persist in the competition strategy of “Two Firsts”, advance transformation and second startup in depth to salute the times with better results and greater development.



Managers of the headquarters’ functional departments above the section chief level, managers of industrial groups in Tongxiang above the section chief level, cadres of Resources Industry Group above the department director level on vacation in Tongxiang, Michelle Wu, Partner of Deloitte China and members of its project team, members of the Cardre Management System Construction Team and other designated personnel attended the conference. The managers of Nonferrous Metals Industry Group and New Energy Industry Group above the section chief level attended the conference via video.

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