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Deputy Secretary & Mayor Yu Huiyou visits Huayou’s headquarters

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2019/03/14 11:48
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On the afternoon of March 13, Yu Huiyou, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government visited the headquarters of Huayou, accompanied by Feng Zhonghai, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of the Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government; Wang Lihao, Director of the Office of the Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government; Tu Jianzhong, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and Party Secretary of Gaoqiao Sub-district and other municipal leaders. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou warmly received the delegation, showed Yu around Huayou’s showroom and held a meeting.


At Huayou’s showroom, Chen introduced Huayou’s leap-forwarded development, whole industry layout, production process and medium & long-term development plan, with focus on its prominent intelligent and environment friendly projects.



“After listening to Chairman Chen’s introduction to Huayou which further enhanced the confidence of the municipal committee and government in supporting the business development of Huayou, I have full confidence in Chairman Chen and Huayou,” said Yu. He was so confident because Huayou has grasped the historical opportunity from the prosperity of the new energy industry, constantly consolidated management foundation by management improvement and gained core competitiveness through its innovation talent system. Yu encouraged Huayou to continuously increase investment, accelerate development, enhance its role as an industrial leader, develop the headquarters economy, and make greater contributions to Tongxiang’s efforts to develop the real economy centered on advanced manufacturing amid the prosperity of the new energy lithium battery industry. He pledged that the municipal committee and government would fully serve and support the development of Huayou, help Huayou solve problems arising in development, and join hands with Huayou to create a new prospect for the full rejuvenation of Tongxiang.



On behalf of Huayou, Chen thanked the municipal committee and government for their long-term support, and introduced Huayou’s business situation in 2018 to Yu. Over the year, Huayou has implemented the overall working requirements of “10-billion-yuan operating revenue, industrial breakthrough and management reform”, transformed through upstream resources control, market development and own capacity improvement, stuck to the strategy of “high-end development, industrial integration and business globalization” with focus on both lithium battery new energy materials and cobalt new materials, adjusted its business structure, developed new markets, slash its excess inventory and prevented risks with the goal of strengthening its industry chain, increasing its development power and becoming a business group with operating revenues of 10 billion yuan, made great progress in market deployment, major project construction and key upstream resources control, achieved great-leap-forward development with operating revenue of 10 billion yuan and created a general pattern for corporate development.


“As further concentration in the industry we should focus on mainstream markets and customers, and develop our new core competitiveness depending on market-leading  product quality and cost effectiveness,” said Chen when he reported the work plan for 2019. We have set the goal of “developing steadily and accelerating corporate transformation” for 2019. Guided by the goal, Huayou will constantly consolidate management foundation and speed up system and mechanism innovation depending on market-leading  product and cost advantages, strive for better results and greater development, and lay a solid foundation for achieving the goals set in the “thirteenth five-year” plan and ranking among China’s top 500 private enterprises. He expected that the government would stay focused on Huayou’s development, thereby motivating Huayou to make greater contributions to the economic construction of Tongxiang and Zhejiang.



Then the two sides discussed the current economic situation, as well as problems and challenges arising from the corporate development.

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