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Sales Department No. 1
Marketing Center, New Energy B. U.

Domestic Market

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Striver Oriented

Career Strivers

[Striver Oriented]  


Huayou undertaking depends on the strivers, and the process of achieving the undertaking also satisfies the strivers. Continuous and arduous struggle is the basic spirit of strivers, and the willingness, capability and result of making a difference are the basic requirements for strivers. To share success with strivers who create value and share risks is the basic connotation of Huayou's striver-oriented concept.


[Successor to Huayou Undertaking] 


Huayou insists on cultural succession, and constantly tempers the cadre team and continuously cultivates successors to Huayou undertaking, with Huayou undertaking as the battlefield, cadres as the targets, the conduct, attitude, capability and pattern of achieving the undertaking as focuses, continuous and arduous struggle as the melting pot, and leading team to make contributions to the undertaking as the guidance.


Huayou Cadres


Huayou cadres are successors to Huayou undertaking, they must shoulder undertaking mission, practice Huayou culture, challenge new heights, make good achievements, and make long and arduous structure to achieve Huayou undertaking with iron faith, iron belief, iron discipline, and iron bearing.


Huayou cadre management


Adhere to the principle of combining morality with ability and take morality first, strivers with outstanding potential are selected from high willing, high energy and high performance strivers and brought into the Huayou undertaking successor training system.


We should inspire cadres with a sense of mission, promote cadres with a pursuit of undertaking, train cadres with opportunities of development, temper cadres with hardships, inspect cadres through responsibility and key events, demand cadres with high performance results, and restrain cadres with discipline and supervision.


We should promote the integration of responsibilities and powers to enable cadres who want to make a difference give full play to their potential. We should improve the management platform and system, help capable cadres to amplify their personal energy, and lead the team to make greater contributions. We should build the “action of profiting from one way” incentive mechanism and internal control system to protect the enthusiasm of cadres and help them realize their personal values.


We should implement the promotion and demotion, employment and dismissal, and reward and punishment of cadres, select reserve talents in the ebb tide, and activate the cadre team through selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior. Cadres who have experienced self-criticism and self-transcendence and can lead the team to win the battle more vigorously and strugglingly after climbing out of the mud are successors to Huayou undertaking!


Oath of Strivers  [Strive for the great cause of the centenary Huayou!] 


I’m a Huayou person and I’m determined to:


Hold up original intention of cause, be firm in Huayou dream, comply with cause philosophy and practice Huayou culture. Constantly Strive to Become Stronger in Pursuit of Excellence. Strive for the great cause of the centenary Huayou!




Career Strivers

The Huayou undertaking is a great undertaking, and an undertaking created and shared by strivers.