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Community Improvement

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Huayou Cobalt attaches great importance to the social responsibility of corporation and supply chain all along,and holds the principle that we should make contribution to where we invest. Huayou Cobalt has created lots of occupations as well as taxes and fees in DRC, while promoting the local economic growth; provides workers with personnel protection equipment to ensure their safety; pays attention to local staff training in order to advance their occupational skills; cares about the welfare of the local staff, as well as undertaking family visits, medical service, and etc; assists community infrastructure and improve basic service capacity; supports local philanthropy, and invests kinds of charity events and construction of agricultural demonstration park to promote the development of local agriculture.
According to the CEGA research center at the university of California, Berkeley, on the causes of child labor in DRC shows that poverty is the root cause of human rights abuses including child labor. Investing in DRC for years, Huayou Cobalt realizes deeply that we should not only build the due diligence system of cobalt supply chain and model mining template, but also take a part in on-site projects such as community construction and education training to improve the local livelihood.
Huayou Cobalt has started to communicate with Zhejiang University and Lubumbashi University on cooperation from 2011, and invested eight million dollars for the agriculture technology demonstration park project. Now, a modern agriculture park covering 1700 acres has been built on the large farms including a connected smart glass greenhouse with area of 5000 square meters, a connected greenhouse with the area of 100 acres, seven industrial functional area and thirteen key agricultural projects. Huayou Cobalt introduces agriculture and animal husbandry products including rice, vegetables, chicken and pork from China, and teaches farmers breeding techniques and methods to improve the local agriculture development and provide demonstration and assurance for vegetable self-sufficiency.
On August 2nd, 2017, under the framework of South-South cooperation, assigned by the United Nations food and agriculture, the transferring of 13 by the Chinese ministry of national industry experts and technicians of aid Congo (gold) agricultural development experts in Huayou Congo (gold) agricultural technology demonstration park, which marked the foreign agriculture assistance projects between FAO and Huayou Cobalt was officially launched.
CDM connects with peripheral communities positively, and builds close relationship with communities when exploiting its own mine. On June 16th of the Children’s Day in Congo, a condolence delegation was specially sent to complexe scolaire de la foi (CSLF) at Kawama besides the company to visit all faculties and students, and donate learning materials and tuition fees for more than 20 students.
Kasulo community has a certain number of artisanal mining. Huayou CDM builts new teaching buildings for Kimban GUISTE school nearby the Kasulo community including six classrooms, two toilets, one office room and two flower beds. Meanwhile, Huayou CDM provides major learning and teaching materials for schools.
Located in Kasulo district, Kolwezi county, Lualaba province where residents live in poverty with backward educational conditions and inadequate educational infrastructure, KIZITO school with 630 faculties and students had a long history and the classrooms were in disrepair. Therefore, Huayou CDM helps school renovate the entire school buildings, and improve the learning environment for children to support local education.
In the year from 2016 to 2017, Huayou Cobalt cooperated with Good Shepherd Foundation, and provided investment for the project of “Immediate Response to the Removal of Child Labor from Small-scale Copper and Cobalt Mining in Kolwezi (DRC)” deployed by local Bon Pasteur to help nearly 1000 children obtain the opportunity of primary education and improve their nutrition level. Besides, CDM has provided some necessary materials for Bon Pasteur every month since May, 2016.


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