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Corporate Social Responsibility


Management System

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Good corporate governance is the internal driving force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. In recent years, the company has been promoting the organic combination of internal governance and production and operation. In 2018, the company established the three-level organizational structure of "Group - Industry Group - Subsidiary", to perfect the management and control system of the company, and ensured the healthy operation of the company's production and operation and other business activities; And improved the structure of corporate governance and standardized the operation of the company.
Continuously optimizing and improving the corporate social responsibility system, practicing the concept of "build together win the future together", more scientifically and efficiently promoted the sustainable development of the company. In 2018, the company was awarded the Ecovadis Silver Certificate for another time followed 2017. After a lapse of 10 years, the company was again awarded the honorary title of "Golden Bee Enterprise", and became the "Candidate Enterprise for the 2018 China ESG Beautiful 50 Index Component Stock".
In principle, system certification and day-to-day management are accomplished by the industry Group, which organizes its internal system certification: Quality, occupational health and safety are the three basic management systems, which must be imported; The import and certification of other systems shall be implemented as required according to the business model.
The day-to-day management of the system includes daily audit, supervisory audit, management review and second party audit: Daily audit is rolling management, and system operation inspection will be conducted at least once in the year for each system implementation unit; Supervision audit is the three-party supervision audit of the system certification unit performed once a year, with the system certification as the standard; The work of management review shall be conducted once a year, which is basically implemented in combination with the annual business plan meeting of the company. Through the work summary and plan, the realization degree and improvement plan of the annual system objectives are sorted out; The second party audit is the audit of our customers against our company. Through the above multi-channel and multi-dimensional audit, ensure the normal operation of the system, ensure the continuous improvement of management requirements and the continuous development of management optimization
System certification:/div>
Headquarters certification system:Intellectual property management system, safety standardization management system, two integration management system, excellent performance; In 2019, the company plans to enter Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification System
Nonferrous Industry Group:The company has obtained the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO50001 energy management system, measurement management system; Unaccredited ISO 17025 (Laboratory System) imported; In 2019, the company plans to have Intellectual Property Rights, Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization and IATF16949 certified.
New Energy Industry Group:the company has obtained the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and IATF16949; In 2019, the company plans to obtained the certification of the integration of informatization and industrialization.
       Performance of the system:
       - Since 2010, the company began to introduce the excellent performance management mode, and after continuous self-evaluation, improvement and optimization, the company applied for the Mayor's Quality Award of Jiaxing City in 2017, and won the honorary title of "2017 Mayor's Quality Award of Jiaxing City" in 2018.
       - In 2018, the company responded positively to the call of the State and, in order to promote the effective integration of industrialization and informatization, the Headquarters Group took the lead in introducing the integrated management system of "Two Chemicals", which was certified and passed. In 2019, the Nonferrous Industry Group and the New Energy Industry Group also carried out the import of the quantitative integration management system to further promote the integration of informatization and industrialization of the company.
       - Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", we have practiced a "trinity" transformation road of controlling resources upstream, developing markets downstream and enhancing capabilities in the middle, with Huayou characteristics; It opened up a development mode of industrial agglomeration, enterprise cluster, integration and park industrialization, with Huayou characteristics. Under this development mode with Huayou characteristics, the company has also raised the corporate social responsibility construction to a strategic height. After the establishment of the Corporate Social Responsibility Office in 2016, the company established the Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Committee, which is headed by the Chairman of the Group, and the President of the company is responsible for the specific corporate social responsibility strategic deployment. A number of relevant department leaders serve as members of the Committee. The company also actively participates in industry associations and occupies seats. The company is the Vice Chairman Unit of the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI); The company is a member of Jiaxing Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance; In 2018, the company joined the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Zhejiang as a Vice President Unit.