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Sales Department No. 1
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Scientific Research Achievements
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  Based on the scientific research platform and R&D institutions, and concentrated in the comprehensive innovation, over the years, Huayou has completed a total of 1,000 science and technology projects, R&D and breakthroughs, more than 150 new product development and mass production; undertaken 6 national major research projects, 22 provincial and ministerial research projects, and formed a number of independent intellectual property research achievements with strong applicability, high industrialization level and significant economic benefits. 39 scientific and technological achievements have been appraised or registered at the provincial or ministerial level, of which 16 have reached the international advanced level and 15 have reached the domestic advanced level. Huayou has the international leading core independent intellectual property rights in many aspects such as multi-form cobalt resources, new energy Li-ion battery materials, and cobalt waste short process efficient green manufacturing.

  Over the years, the achievements of Huayou's scientific and technological innovation have been highly affirmed by the national/provincial/municipal governments. Since the first science and technology honor in 2003, Huayou has been awarded more than 60 national/provincial and municipal science and technology honors, including three national honors and more than 30 provincial and ministerial honors. One first prize award of Science and Technology Progress in Zhejiang Province, four Science and Technology first prizes awards of Chinese Non-ferrous Metal Industry , first prize award of Environmental Protection Science and Technology Progress, and more than 20 other scientific and technological progress awards; At the same time, Huayou was also awarded many times as “China’s First Group of Green Factory”, “Green Factory of Zhejiang Province ”, "High-tech Innovation Demonstration Enterprise of Zhejiang Province" "Provincial Key Innovation Demonstration Enterpriseof Zhejiang", Top 100 Hi-tech Enterprises with Innovation Capability of Zhejiang Province" and a series of national/provincial/municipal honors, by 2020, Hauyou achieved the first place of 2019 Leading Innovation Enterprises of Zhejiang Province, which is the Golden Name Card of Huayou’s science and technology innovation.

  In recent years, Huayou attaches great importance to and strengthens the work of intellectual property. In 2017, Huayou completed the work of implementing the standards of intellectual property, realized the gradual transformation from the original spontaneous and scattered intellectual property protection to the voluntary and systematic protection, achieved remarkable results, and the rapid growth of the number of intellectual property. By the end of November 2023, Huayou has applied for 385 domestic core patents, including 218 authorized invention patents, which has maintained a high growth after the standardization. At the same time, Huayou won 3 Zhejiang Provincial Golden Awards of patents and became "Zhejiang Provincial Demonstration Enterprise of Patent", led and participated in the establishment of 194 national/industrial standards, and the number keeps increased year by year. Huayou won the national Non-ferrous Standard Metal Standardization Technical Committee Awards for many times, 5 software copyrights of new energy multi-metal precursor synthesis reaction system, registered 18 international trademarks and 44 domestic trademarks.

  Technological innovation leads the future. Huayou's scientific and technological innovation is constantly accelerating to realize the "14th Five-year plan" high-quality development supported by science and technology.




Aim to gradually establish an globally leading platform for R&D of new energy Li-ion battery materials