Sales Department No. 1,
Marketing Center, Non-ferrous B. U.

Domestic Battery Material Industry

Tel: +86 573 88585115


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Sales Department No. 1
Marketing Center, New Energy B. U.

Domestic Market

Tel: +86 573 88588921


Overseas Market

Tel: +86 573 88585197



Sales Department No. 2,
Marketing Center, Non-ferrous B. U.

Domestic Non-battery Industry

Tel: +86 573 88589996




International Sales Department,
Marketing Center, Non-ferrous B. U.

Asian-Pacific Market

Tel: +86 576 88589939


Euro-American Market

Tel: +86 573 88589997



Operation Department, Regeneration B. U.

Domestic Waste Power Battery and Material Recycling Industry

Tel: +86 573 88580996



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About Us

Create customer value, lead industrial development

About Us

Huayou Cobalt is a new high-tech enterprise founded in 2002 and specializing in research and development, manufacturing business of new energy Li-ion battery materials and new cobalt materials.
After ten years of development, Huayou Cobalt has accomplished headquarter layout in Tongxiang, resource guarantee abroad, manufacturing base in China and market layout in the world, formed three business segments including resources, nonferrous metals and new materials and created a new energy lithium battery industrial ecology from development and metallurgy of cobalt and nickel resources, intensive processing of li-ion cathode materials, to resource recycling and reusing.
With the mission of creating customer value and leading industrial development, Huayou is committed to the transformation path of upstream resource control, downstream market promotion and medium-lift capability, adhering to the development strategy of "Two new areas and Three trends", and is committed to becoming a global leader in new energy li-ion battery materials.

Strategy as Outline, Talent Oriented, Mechanism Driven, Culture Escorted