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  • NAME: Cobalt Oxide
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Molecular formula: XCo2O3·YCo3O43
The molecular weight:
Traits: Dark grey powder
Use: Mainly used in magnetic materials, electronic components materials, carbide materials, enamel color porcelain glaze, ceramic, porcelain, glass, co catalyst and other cobalt salts
Packing: 25kg/50kg Iron drum is installed

 Product standards : 

Project Technical indicators (%)
Co ≥72
Ni ≤0.05
Fe ≤0.1
Cu ≤0.04
Mn ≤0.04
Zn ≤0.04
As ≤0.005
Cd ≤0.005
Pb ≤0.005
fineness ≥300 mesh
Co≥60.0%,Organize production according to customer's request

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