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Carbide and super alloys

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Tool steel containing a certain amount of cobalt can significantly improve the wear resistance and machinability of steel. Cobalt combines other metal carbide grains in the alloy composition, so that the alloy can have higher toughness and reduce the sensitivity to shocks. If this kind of alloy is welded on the surfaces of parts, it can prolong the life the parts by 3-7 times. The Stellite Laid carbide containing more than 50% of cobalt will not lose its original hardness even when being heated to 1000 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 1038 degrees Celsius, the superiority of cobalt-based alloy will be fully displayed. It is especially suitable for producing high-efficiency and high-temperature engines and turbines; therefore, cobalt-based alloys are widely used in the aerospace and military fields. If cobalt based alloys containing 20% -27% of chromium is used in the structural materials, the oxidation resistance of the materials of aviation turbine engines will reach a high level even without the use of any protective coatings. The heat-medium turbine engine at the heating room of the reactor can continuously operate for more than a year without needing repairing.

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