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LG Chem President Hong Young-joon visits Huayou Quzhou Industry Park

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2019/03/10 11:50
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On March 7, a delegation led by LG Chem President Hong Young-joon visited Huayou Quzhou Industry Park. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou warmly received the delegation.


Hong visited the employees dispatched by LG Chemical for Huajin Project, thanked them for their diligent efforts and listened to a work report delivered by a head of Huajin New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.




Accompanied by Huayou’s top officers, including Chen Yaozhong, Vice President of Huayou and Vice President of Huayou New Energy Industry Group, the delegation visited Quzhou Huayou’s production control center, testing center, Huahai project and other production sites, inquired about Huayou’s R&D, product application and resource development, and found out the situation of Quzhou Huayou Industry Park.


After visiting Quzhou Huayou, the delegation visited the construction site of Huajin New Energy Materials (Quzhou) Co., Ltd., a cooperative facility of Huayou and LG Chem, and listened to a report of General Manager Yan Hewen on the progress and future development of the facility. Hong recognized their early efforts, expressed heartfelt thanks to all the employees of Huajin for their diligent efforts and wisdom in project construction, and further expected that they would keep going to make the facility finish and reach its designed capacity as soon as possible.




Hong showed full confidence in the ternary precursor project and other projects, and was optimistic about the prospect of the lithium battery materials market. He expected that the two sides would continue to strengthen mutual strategic cooperation, further strengthen new energy cooperation, integrate the technology and market channel advantages of the two sides in fields such as ternary precursor, anode materials, power battery and other fields, learn from each other and join hands to build a globally competitive lithium battery new energy materials industry chain and create a bright future.

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