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Huayou listed among 2019 Top 20 A-share Companies

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2019/03/07 11:53
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On March 2, China Capital Annual Conference 2019 took place in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, themed at "Technology Innovates Future". At the conference, Huayou was listed among 2019 Top 20 A-share Companies, and Huayou’s Board Secretary Li Rui won the 2019 Top Board Secretaries of A-share Companies.






China Capital Annual Conference 2019 includes a release conference and a forum. At the release conference,, CBN and Value Line Research Center jointly released “China Urban Capital Competitiveness and District (County) Listing Competitiveness Ranking”, the lists of 2019 Top 20 A-share Companies, Top 10 Investment Banks and Top Board Secretaries of A-shar e Companies in Investor Relations Management, as well as other winner lists. The companies named 2019 Top 20 A-share Companies include Hikvision, CATL and Ping An.


By December 31, 2018, there had been a total of 3,567 A-share companies. The 2019 Top 20 A-share Companies list, as released at China Capital Annual Conference 2019, is based on the exclusive data model by Value Line Research Center, which integrates the data of 2018 Top 100 Valuable A-share Companies and 2018 Top Champion Companies in 40 Industrial Segments, as the “dream team” of the A-share listed companies.


Ma Xiaohui, Secretary of the CPC Huzhou Municipal Committee delivered a welcome speech. Que Bo, Vice President of the Shanghai Stock Exchange; Zeng Guozhang, Associate Counsel at the Zhejiang Local Financial Administration and other leaders launched the conference. Among some 300 attendees were outstanding grass-roots economic officials, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, economists, media professionals and investors.


Enterprises are built on industries and supported by finance. To accomplish the sustainable development of industries, enterprises need resources from the capital market and interact the product market with the capital market. With the honor as an opportunity, Huayou will focus on developing the real economy by utilizing resources from the capital market, thereby achieving its goal as early as possible, and accomplishing better development.

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