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Huayou Cobalt Won "Tianma Award " Again

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/05/19 13:31
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On May 13, sponsored by the Securities Times, China Securities Investor Services Center  (ISC) as a guiding party, the list of "11th China Listed Company Investor Relations Tianma Award" was released. Huayou Cobalt was listed on the list of "Main-Board Best Board of Directors Award" again.
The award reflects the great recognition of the capital market on Huayou Cobalt’s Board of Directors in corporate governance, information disclosure and other normative operations . The Company can stand out in layers of screening, which fully shows that the Company is highly recognized by capital market investors and review experts on its strength and industrial status. In the future, the Company will firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the development of the new energy automobile industry, always adhere to the belief of "Rooted in China, Making Friends all over the World ", with Huayou’s spirit of "Self-improvement, the Pursuit of Excellence", as sayings “Diligence Deserves Rewards” and “Making Success all the Way from the Beginning”, to forge ahead with the vision of “Becoming a Global Leader in New Energy Li-ion Materials" to create better results to return capital markets and investors.
It is reported that this "Tianma Award" is the first appraisal after the implementation of the new "Securities Law ", the results are produced after layers of selection through Compliance and Qualification Screening, Company Declaration, Institutional Recommendation, Network Voting, Judges’ Review and Exchange Markets’ Audit and other six sections, Integrity and Compliance-based, Investment Data as the Basis, combining with the new " Securities Law ", Listed Companies' Investment System, Overseas Market Investment Management Experience and the Professional Opinions put forward by the judges of all previous, in pursuit of the core elements of China's investment, and on the basis of accurately reflecting the state of China's Listed Companies' Investor Relations Management through relevant data .
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