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Mr. Yu Huiyou, Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Committee of CCP, Mayor of Tongxiang City, visited Huayou-Posco New Energy to conduct a research. Strive for a big change in 3 years.

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Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/02/27 10:29
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On December 25, 2019, Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee of CCP, Mayor of Tongxiang City, accompanied by Mr. Tu Jianzhong, Secretary of CCP of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Secretary of CCP of Gaoqiao Subdistrict, visited Zhejiang Huayou-Posco/Posco-Huayou New Energy Co., Ltd. to conduct a research, deepen the understanding of production and operation situation, troubleshoot for the development of enterprise, boost the high quality development of joint venture company to a new level. Chairman of Huayou Cobalt, Mr. Chen Xuehua warmly received the delegation.
When Mr. Yu comprehended that Posco-Huayou successfully accomplished the construction of 30000ton/year P-Cam Project in the end of August, and Huayou-Posco successfully initiated the pilot production of 30000 Power Battery P-Cam precursors Project (Phase I) in November, he fully affirmed the achievements of the two joint venture companies accomplishing project constructions in just one year time, and encouraged Huayou-Posco and Posco-Huayou to make every day and night count, and make persistent efforts to optimize the process, rapidly respond to customers’ needs, pay close attention to customer’s qualification, consolidate the foundation of mass production to realized the strategic goals of the enterprises as soon as possible. 
“I hope that the two joint ventures can further strengthen their strengths and complement each other’s advantages, advance the construction of Project Phase II as soon as possible, and strive for a big change in three years to make the projects models of successful cooperation between Chinese and Korean companies in Tongxiang”  When going deep down into the main production workshops, and control center to check the production process and product development, Mr. Yu shook hands with the colleagues responsible for production and technology, and cordially talked with them. He said that the Tongxiang Municipal Government will, as always, support the development and growth of the two joint ventures, support and care about the work and life of Korean Experts, and technicians in Tongxiang, encourage everyone’s innocation in Tongxiang, and hope that everyone will work hard for Tongxiang and vigorously develop that real economy with advance manufacturing as its core and make greater contributions.
Mr. Yan Yuehua, Deputy Director of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (Gaoqian Subdistrict), President Assistant of Huayou Cobalt, Mr. Zhang Jianhong, GM of the joint ventures, Mr. Yeo Wonkoo and the persons in charge of the related departments of Posco-Huayou accompanied the research.
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