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Work together to build new advantages and create a better future ---- The Release Conference of China Huayou the Fourth Annual International Conference was held.

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/01/13 14:54
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Conference, Chairman Chen Xuehua delivered a special report on the retrospect of 2019 and prospect.
Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment of Indonesia, Mr. Luhute, Indonesian Ambassador to China, Mr. Djauhari Oratmangun, GM of Posco Chemical, Mr. Min Kyungzoon, Vice President of LG Chem, Mr. Lee Hyangmok, Senior Vice President of Battery Materials, BASF (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Michael Baier, Mayor of Yulin Municipal Government, Mr. Wei Tao, Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd.(Jiangsu), Mr. Wu Yingming, Chairman of EVE Energy Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Jincheng, Senior Vice President, of Finnish Minerals Group, Mr. Vesa Koivisto, Procurement Director of BYD, Ms. Liu Lin, and other leaders and guests participated the release conference.
Chairman Chen Xuehua, remarked in the retrospect of 2019 and prospect report that, in 2019, the business structure of Huayou continued to be optimized, products structure continued to be optimized, production and sales continued to grow, operating revenue reached a historical high, and economic benefits gradually recovered, R&D team construction was strengthened, the establishment of scientific technological platform was improved, product innovation was continued, the enterprise was vitalized. The development strategy of “Two News and Three Trends” was implemented, the whole industrial chain of new energy Li-ion battery materials was built, three major projects were deepened, system and mechanism reform was promoted, the whole company was transformed and upgraded, and the enterprise value was highlighted by paying more and more attention to social responsibility. As the year of 2019 draws to a close, we have made steady progress in our business operation and development.
Looking into the future, Chen said that Huayou will continue to focus on the operational efficiency, improve the business capacity, integrate the resource, promote the projects construction in Indonesia, take innovation as the driving force of the company’s transformation and upgrade, fully fulfill the social responsibility, and promote the company’s high quality comprehensive development. In the meantime, work together with customers, peers and suppliers on development strategy, technology innovation, and supply chains, to form an inter-dependant industrial community interest community. Work together to build new advantages in the development of Li-ion battery industry, together to shape a better future of Li-ion battery industry.
On the agenda of the conference in the afternoon, there were also a series of activities including the key seminar on the due diligence management responsible of international responsible cobalt supply chain, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation, the awarding ceremony, the round table dialogue between leaders of the Republic of Indonesia and CEOs of new energy industry enterprises.
New Energy Li-ion Material is a big industry, big industry needs big cooperation, and big cooperation leads to big development. In the future, Huayou is looking forward to working with all stakeholders to continue focusing on the theme of “cooperation for a win-win future”, to help each other in times of difficulties, stride forward hand in hand with each other to achieve win-win high quality development, and to write a new chapter in the Li-ion new energy industry.
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