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Contribute to the green development, Huayou won the prize of No. 1 Yielding per Mu in Jiaxing City

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Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2020/01/04 13:26
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On December 10, the list of Top 10 Yield-Per-Mu Leaders of Top 10 Key Industries of 2018 was announced. The list comprehensively evaluated top 10 key manufacturing industries through 6 indicators including per-mu tax, per-mu added value, unit energy consumption added value, unit emission added value, total labor productivity, the ratio of R&D expenditure and main business income, Huayou ranked the first with a total score of 187.88. In 2018, the per mu tax revenue of Huayou reached 1.8788 million Yuan, and per mu industrial added value is 2.207 million yuan per mu.
In 2018, under the working tone of “Leaping to 10 billion, breakthrough in the industry and management transformation”, Huayou tightly concentrating on the annual objective of strengthening the industrial chain, enhancing the development capability, and leaping into the billions revenue enterprises group, fully implemented the management guidelines of restructuring, market developing, destocking, risk preventing, to magnify the advantage, improve the drawbacks, gather resource, promote the high quality management and development, boost the production and sales, expand the market share and upgrade the business performance. Meanwhile, in 2018, Huayou for the first time, entered China’s top 500 private enterprises in manufacturing industry, top 100 listed enterprises with CSR performance, ranked 103 among the global top 500 new energy enterprises. This is Huayou’s historical leap. 
Looking back into the year of 2019, all Huayou employees, in the circumstance full of challenges and opportunities, continuously stride forward through difficulties and made concerted efforts to make the final sprint to accomplish the annual objectives. In 2019, Huayou’s business structure and product category continued to be optimized, production and sales continued to grow, operating income hit a new high, economic benefit gradually recovered. Huayou strengthened the R&D team, improved the scientific research platform, continued product innovation to bring vitality to the enterprise. Huayou implemented the development strategy of Two New Areas and Three Trends, built the whole industrial chain of new energy Li-ion battery materials, deepened the three major projects, promoted the reform of system and mechanism to support the transformation and upgrading of Huayou.
Time and space waits for no one, looking into the future, Huayou will continue to build an eco-friendly, resource-conserving enterprise, accelerate the formation of a high-quality, efficient, innovative, dynamic and well-coordinated industrial system, further strengthen the weak points, strengthen the innovation, explore a new path of high-quality development, and promote the development of the enterprise to a new level.
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