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Breaking News! Lukuni 30000 t/a Cu Sx-ew cathode project in D.R. Congo reached its productions standard.

Company News
Wang Yao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/12/26 14:04
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Recently, Cu Sx-ew cathode workshop in Lukuni Project of Huayou Resource Business Unit, African division has been steadily operational for nearly 2 months, during which the Cu cathode output reached its plan capacity, all production targets met or exceeded plan targets, this marked that Lukuni 30000 t/a Cu Sx-ew cathode project reached its productions standard.
Reviewing the construction and production, Lukuni project was initiated in the end of 2018, all project team members fight against the clock through reasonable arrangement, scientific planning, rational adjustments and so many other measures effectively overcame many problems such as construction supplies, equipment installation, communication, staffing and equipment debugging.
During the critical period of trial production, team members sincerely united and perform their respective duties, carefully debug each equipment and each working procedure, including milling, grinding, leaching, washing, extraction and eletro-winning, and test production in strict accordance with the specified technical standards. In the face of emergencies, the members always pool their wisdom and strength and fight on the scene. During pilot production, Time and space availabilities are well utilized to achieve the progress target. Nearly 300 days of high-quality high-speed fighting is the key of the successful achievement.
Our common dream inspires us to stride forward. Looking into the upcoming year of 2020, all member of Lukuni project will continue to carry on the spirit of “constantly striving to become stronger and always pursuit excellence”, with the attitude of strivers, guided by the philosophy of “securing the upstream resource”, make every single minute count to compose a new chapter of project construction and make ourselves one step closer to Huayou dream.
Salute to the all the colleagues involved in the project construction, salute to all Huayou strivers.
Huayou adheres to cultural succession, taking Huayou cause as the battlefield, key cadre as the fighters, the conduct, attitude, ability and pattern of achievement as the weapon, hardworking as the spirit, contribution as the orientation, to continuously train Huayou key cadres to become the successors of Huayou cause. (Excerpted from Huayou Business Program) 
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