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Thank you for your accompanying us all the way ---- The Opening of The Awarding Ceremony of China Huayou The Fourth Annual International Conference

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/12/23 13:01
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Thank you for your accompanying us all the way ---- The Opening of The Awarding Ceremony of China Huayou The Fourth Annual International Conference
Dec. 5, afternoon, the Awarding Ceremony of China Huayou The Fourth Annual International Conference was held. Over 600 Chinese and foreign guests from more than 31 countries merrily gathered together to the celebration.
Chairman Chen Xuehua, President Chen Hongliang, awarded the prizes to the Biggest Customer, The Strategic Custom, The Excellent Customers, The Most Growable Partners, The Core Suppliers, The Excellent Suppliers, The Most Growable Suppliers, and The Excellent Service Providers.
Along the way of hardships, you were always accompanying Huayou to create the brand and lead the industry, along the way of trials, we remained true to our mission, you and Huayou went through thick and thin together, you helped Huayou grow out of nothing and develop from weak to strong, for the leader of cobalt industry to the one of new energy Li-ion batter material industry. You are not only the witnesses, but also the participants. Huayou would return the favor and share the development with you. Leading the industrial development and creating customer value is Huayous’ consistent pursuit. Huayou will continue to implement the customer philosophy of All for customers and all from customers. Huayou will continue to focus on R&D and quality, and will stride side by side with you in the journey of The Second Undertaking and build together the dream of almighty power.
Chairman Chen Xuehua awarded the prizees to the biggest customer.
Chairman Chen Xuehua awarded the prizees to the strategic customer.
President Chen Hongliang awarded the prizes to the excellent customers.
Vice President Chen Yaozhong awarded the prizess to the most growable partners.
You are the booster of Huayou’s developing career, you are the screw of Huayou’s career construction. Along the road of ups and downs, Huayou was always accompanied by you. You gave Huayou the trust and support, which makes Huayou feel the warmth and proceed to success. Quality and efficiency is always your guide to action, no matter where in the world, D.R. Congo in Africa, or the advanced production platform in Quzhou, or the main battle field of the second undertaking ---- Huayue Project in Indonesia, large as an equipment package, small as a screw nut, you always supply and serve with your warm heart, you are the strong backup of Huayou’s steady development, Let’s witness our friendship and stride forward in our cooperation. 
Vice President Xu Wei awarded the prizes to the core suppliers.
Vice President Zhang Binghai awarded to prizes to the excellent suppliers.
President Assistant, GM of the Procurement Center Lu Feng awarded the prizes to the most growable suppliers.
Vice President Fang Yuan awarded the prizes to the excellent service providers.
Along the way, Huayou received the care of leaders from all levels, Huayou gained the trust and support from customers, shareholders, financials institutes, suppliers and partners, Huayou is grateful for your help and care.
Cooperation makes progress, isolation makes retrogress. In the future development journey, Huayou will continue to open up the pattern of view and the vision of cooperation, stay true to the original mission, stay grateful to our friends and forge ahead, together with our partners to build and win the future.
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