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The Completion of Phase I of Lithium-ion Battery Cathode Material Project of Zhejiang Puhua New Energy Material Co., Ltd. with the Annual Production Capacity of 30,000

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/09/04 15:04
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On August 22, the celebration ceremony for Phase I of Lithium-ion Battery Cathode Material Project of Puhua with the Annual Production Capacity of 30,000 Tons was grandly held in Zhejiang Puhua New Energy Material Co., Ltd.. OH,GYU SEOK Vice President of POSCO(Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd ) and the Group Chairman Chen Xuehua attended the celebration ceremony and made a speech respectively. 
In the speech made by Chairman Chen Xuehua, first of all, he showed his warm welcome to the coming of the delegation led by Vice President OH,GYU SEOK and showed his congratulations and gratitude to the successful construction of Phase I of the Project and the hardworking of the Project Team. Chairman Chen pointed out that, since the commencement of the project, the Project Team comprised of Huayou and Puhua Project Team have cooperated sincerely, overcome difficulties, shown good project construction management ability and realized the project construction with high quality and high efficiency. Phase I of Puhua Project has been built in due time, which is the first step of the Joint Venture Company and also a successful step, marking Zhejiang Puhua New Energy Material Co., Ltd. has entered a new period of production and operation from the construction period. 
The business of the Joint Venture Company has a good start and Chairman Chen proposed the requirements and expectation to the Joint Venture Company for realizing higher level and higher quality of development in the future: firstly, he hoped that the Joint Venture Company would make persistent efforts, make aggressiveness and complete production and debugging as soon as possible; secondly, he hoped that the Joint Venture Company would persist on the operation and management principle of Customers First and Creating Value for Customer, and he also hoped that the Joint Venture Company would be operated and developed well in fierce market competition; thirdly, he hoped that the Joint Venture Company can realize Product Leading and Cost Leading with advanced manufacturing technology and management level and make contribution to the industrial development of lithium-ion battery cathode material, take the Joint Venture as the sample for the cooperation of Sino-South Korea enterprises and establish a cooperative co-established and win-win example in the future.
In the speech made by Vice PresidentOH,GYU SEOK,  he showed his sincere gratitude to the team who participated and made great efforts in the construction of Phase I of the Project. He said that, in the recent years, POSCO actively accelerated the progression of lithium-ion battery new energy industrial development, Zhejiang Puhua Company established together with Huayou is the first achievement on this aspect, and it is also the production base in non-steel field established by Puhua Project at overseas. Based on good cooperation between both parties and the grasping of world leading precursor and cathode technology, Zhejiang Puhua will certainly breakthrough the global market and become the proud of Huayou, Puhua Project and Tongxiang City. 
Vice President OH,GYU SEOK pointed out that, the completion of Phase I of the Project is only the first step of mass production for Electric Vehicle (EV) cathode materials, and he hoped that the Construction Team would not be only satisfied with the current achievements, but still work hard for formal mass production with the “only beginning” attitude. At the same time, Vice President Wu Guixi required Puhua Team to make preparation for the consequential business of the following construction of Phase II of the Project and new product development, etc., timely remember the operation principle of safety production and creating value for customers, establish the Joint Venture Company to be an industrial benchmark and make contribution and reach new achievements to the development of Zhejiang Puhua. 
On the celebration ceremony, Vice President OH,GYU SEOK and Chairman Chen Xuehua came to the gate of the Joint Venture Company together, and they personally planted the camphor tree which symbolizes long-term friendship between these two enterprises. We firmly believe that, this friendship and cooperation tree will root deeply and obtain long-term vital force based on the solid trust between Huayou and Puhua Project and both parties will obtain more cooperative achievements certainly. 
After the celebration ceremony, the delegation of Vice President OH,GYU SEOK and Chairman Chen Xuehua investigated the as-built production line sites, such as Production Line 1, Detection Center and Production Control Center, etc. to understand about some conditions in the project construction period and shook hands with those who participate in the construction one by one for gratitude. 
Director of Secondary Battery Material Business Office of POSCO - Hyeon PARK, Vice Presidents of the Group Chen Yaozhong and Zhang Binghai, relevant leaders of Huayou New Energy Industrial Group and the Group as well as the department leaders of the Project Team of the Joint Venture Company participated in the completion celebration ceremony. 
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