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SHIN HAK CHEOL (CEO of LG Chem) and his delegation paid a visit to Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park

Ye Yu
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2019/08/15 13:43
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On August 7, SHIN HAK CHEOL (CEO of LG Chem) and his delegation paid a visit to Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park, and made a field trip to the joint-venture project - Huajin New Energy Material (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. Chen Xuehua (Group Chairman), Chen Yaozhong (Group Vice President), Fang Yuan (Group Vice President) and Yan Hewen (General Manager of Huajin Company) warmly received the guests.
During the discussion,SHIN HAK CHEOLexpressed his heartfelt thanks for Chairman Chen Xuehua’s warm reception, and also introduced future development plan of LG Chem. LG Chem and Huayou Cobalt have mutual trust and respect, and their cooperations in the field of new energy – Li-ion battery material is of great significance for future development of both LG Chem and Huayou, LG Chem is honored to work with Huayou Cobalt as its long-term cooperative partner, and full of confidence in the cooperation of ternary precursor and cathode material projects, meanwhile, LG Chem is also looking forward to cooperating more extensively with Huayou in industrial chain coordination.
Chairman Chen Xuehua warmly welcomed SHIN HAK CHEOL and his delegation for coming to Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park, and also introduced the current development situation, future development plan and overseas investment status of Huayou. Huayou is positioned as the leader in new energy – Li-ion battery material industry, and focusing on this strategic positioning, Huayou sources cobalt from D.R. Congo and nickel from Indonesia as the raw material support in the upper industrial chain, and join forces with LG and other excellent enterprises to develop joint-venture and cooperation in the downstream. Meanwhile, driven by internal technology development, Huayou increases technology and human resources input. Huayou highly recognize  SHIN HAK CHEOL orientation and expectation of future development of both parties, and he firmly believes that both parties could exploit their advantages through joint venture and cooperation, and jointly contribute to the new energy material industry.
Before the discussion, SHIN HAK CHEOL and his delegation visited the joint-venture project between Huayou Cobalt and LG Chem — Huajin New Energy Material (Quzhou) Co., Ltd.for a field inspection, and they listened to General Manager Yan Hewen’sreport on Huajin’s current development status and project planning.
After the discussion, accompanied by Chairman Chen, SHIN HAK CHEOL and his delegation visited the workshop,  testing centre, production control center and other sites on the production line of Quzhou Factory, and learnt about Huayou’s condition in resource development, product application, technical research and development, etc. in detail.
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