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Huayou Chairman Chen Xuehua visits the worker at the production lines on first day of Lunar New Year

Company News
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2019/02/15 11:58
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A successful starting point symbolizes a propitious new year. On the morning of February 5, the first day of the Lunar New Year, Chairman Chen Xuehua, President Chen Hongliang and other top leaders of Huayou visited first-line cadres and workers with deep concern and care, sending festival greetings and New Year wishes to them who have stuck to posts during the festival away from their families.


The delegation visited the calcination workshop, balling & leaching workshop, machine maintenance section, online analysis room, synthesis workshop and the security office of Huayou Nonferrous Metals Industry Group in Tongxiang. Wherever he went, Chen Xuehua shook hands with first-line workers, thanked them for their diligent efforts over the year, and expected that they would keep going, strive to be the best and make greater contributions to fulfilling the annual targets comprehensively in 2019.


“Happy New Year! Everyone, I wish you and your family good health, good luck and a happy life on behalf of the company,! Thank you!” Wherever he went, Chen Xuehua sent New Year wishes to production-line workers. He inquired about production and the duty schedule, asking them to comply with employment discipline and work hard to ensure work safety and stability. The production-line cadres and employees were touched by the top leaders’ great care and they promised to stick to their posts and ensure work safety during the Spring Festival!


Outperformers in the market often take the lead in practices. 2019 is the fourth year that Huayou has started up a second time and implemented the development strategy of “Two New Areas and Three Trends” as well as a critical year for the leap of Huayou. All Huayou strivers will continue to transform through trinity of “Controlling Resources Upstream, Expanding the Downstream Markets, Improving the Capacity in the Middle”, stick to the development strategy of “Two New Areas and Three Trends” , persist in the competition strategy of “Two Firsts”, stay united, forge ahead and work harder to win new glory!

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