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Deliver service, boost morale! Secretary Sheng Yongjun visits Huayou

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2019/02/20 11:57
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On January 24, Sheng Yongjun, Secretary of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee visited Huayou to find out its production and operation and key project construction. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou warmly received Sheng.
Sheng noted that the comprehensive rejuvenation of Tongxiang has been inseparable from the development of the real economy, as well as the support and efforts of enterprises. He encouraged Huayou to seize industrial opportunities, stick to innovative development, continue to increase R&D input, introduce high-level talents and grow stronger. He pledged that the municipal committee and government would further improve business climate, fully serve and support the development of Huayou, help Huayou solve problems arising from its business development, and join hands with Huayou to create a new prospect for the comprehensive rejuvenation and development of Tongxiang.
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