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Independent Audit


DATE Crude Refiner (CDM) Fine Refiner(Huayou)
2017 RCS Global Liz Muller DNV GL
2018 DNV GL Liz Muller RCS Global




LIZ MULLER - Huayou Cobalt 2017 Audit Report
“Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt's Company Limited Due Diligence Program for Responsible Supply Chains lays out sufficient policies, resources and actions of a management system to address Huayou Cobalt’s priority issues: child labor, human rights and mining under conflict conditions. Thank you for the opportunity to conduct the audit of your Responsible Cobalt Sourcing Program.You should feel proud of your accomplishments to date and I wish you all the best as you work to improve your program further.”
LIZ MULLER - Huayou Cobalt 2018 Audit Report
“Huayou Cobalt's Responsible Cobalt Sourcing Program lays out sufficient policies, resources and actions required of a management system. With this said, there are several areas that Huayou Cobalt has not implemented sufficiently. Consultant’s professional opinion, based on the information and evidence that was evaluated during the subject audit, is that Huayou Cobalt does not conduct sufficient due diligence of their suppliers, material origin and supply chain risks. Nor does Huayou Cobalt take actions or suspend all suppliers that do not comply with Huayou Cobalt’s responsible sourcing, Know Your Supplier (KYS), or chain of custody (CoC) requirements. According to Huayou Cobalt, they have had conversations with large suppliers but Huayou Cobalt does not have the leverage over these suppliers to force them to comply with their policy and requirements.”
DNVGL- Huayou Cobalt 2017 Audit Report
“On the basis of the work undertaken, the audit team has noted that Huayou has established a Due Diligence Program and begun to implement the program. As the program is still in its early stages, it would be too early to evaluate its effectiveness. The audit team recommends that Huayou further implement the Due Diligence Program, conduct regular internal audits and take corrective actions as appropriate to improve the management system.”
DNVGL- Huayou Cobalt 2018 Audit Report
"Based on the audit undertaken for 3 days, CDM’s due diligence system for sustainable sourcing, including publicly open policies, due diligence management program, records for internal & external, and its risk mitigation plan on management of supplier chains is established and implemented to a somewhat extent.
However, high risks of child labor still exist in the country, provincial and community level. There are still rooms for improvements on the existing due diligence system of CDM and control of ASMs including findings addressed in this report, especially on environmental and health & safe working conditions.”