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Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. (Shorted as “Huayou Cobalt” below) was founded in 2002, and it is a Hi-tech enterprise focusing on the nonferrous smelting of cobalt, nickel and copper, and the cobalt new materials deep processing. The main products include cobalt tetroxide, cobalt oxide, cobalt carbonate, cobalt hydroxide, cobalt oxalate, cobalt sulfate and cobalt monoxide.


Talent concept
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On Heroes by Everyone's Excellent Performance


1. The Definition of Huayou Talent Idea
Huayou's talent concept is Huayou's guiding ideology and values for attaching importance to talents, using talents, cultivating talents and achieving talents. Talent concept has a direct guiding role for enterprises to achieve people, develop people, and achieve the goal of people to do their best.
2. The Connotation of Huayou Talent Idea
Huayou's talent concept is expressed as: Everyone does his best, performance theory hero.
On the one hand, "everyone makes the best use of his talents" is the premise of "performance hero". Only by creating a fair and positive environment for talent development, can the talent evaluation criteria with performance as the core be recognized by employees. On the other hand, the establishment of the "performance hero" evaluation criteria clearly defines the specific direction of "everyone makes the best use of his talents", that is, to put it into practice and to put performance first.
(1) Everyone does his best
Huayou believes that talent is the primary resource and the greatest wealth of an enterprise, and only those who possess both virtue and talent can be useful talents for the enterprise.
Therefore, Huayou establishes the primary criteria for talent recognition and selection as follows: having good morality and moral sentiment, having excellent working ability, recognizing Huayou culture and taking Huayou's career as its own cause. The view of talent that emphasizes morality and practical ability decides that the whole staff should advocate the cultivation of morality and the promotion of comprehensive quality, learn from and approach the genuine virtuous talents, and set up the correct goal of success.
Beyond knowledge, enterprises are more likely to use their talents. Huayou's employing criteria are: the basis of character and behavior, ability-oriented. Its significance lies in: planting the spirit of pragmatism into the whole staff, promoting the formation of internal survival mechanism of the fittest, in order to pursue super-high performance to achieve the improvement of the company's overall performance.
For Huayou, the key to success for everyone is to "make the best of everyone".
1. Everyone does his best, which means fully affirming the individual value of employees.
The company affirms the value of employees in the work, pays attention to the personal development of employees, understands the differences of personality and ability of different employees, makes the advantages and disadvantages of individuals complement each other in team cooperation, and makes individuals grow and grow up in cooperation and mutual assistance. At the same time, the company respects
Employees'personality differences and customs, respecting their differences in regions, cultures and religious beliefs, giving full play to the characteristics and advantages of various types of talents, and promoting the overall effectiveness of the talent team through an open and inclusive talent incentive mechanism.
2. Everyone makes the best use of his talents, which means fully mobilizing the subjective initiative of talents.
Through scientific training and effective guidance of the staff, Huayou fully mobilizes the strong will and subjective initiative of the staff to become a talent, and transforms "I want to become a talent" into "I want to become a talent"; through paying attention to employees, motivating employees, supporting employees, so as to achieve talent; to achieve talent requires sincere interaction between enterprises and employees. Only by organically integrating the policy of "helping talents" of enterprises with employees'desire to become talents, can we actively build a good talent development mechanism and platform on the basis of giving full play to employees' subjective initiative.
3. To make the best use of talents means to make rational use of talents and give full play to their greatest value.
On the one hand, put the right person in the right place. According to the needs of the company's development, and combining the different personalities, different strengths and different aspirations of individual employees, reasonable job arrangements are set. We should establish a scientific mechanism for employing people, and pay attention to the rational appointment of managerial personnel, scientific and technological innovative personnel, professional and skilled personnel. On the other hand, fully tap and develop the potential of employees. Through scientific career planning and flexible job rotation, we can cultivate high-quality compound talents to adapt to the development of enterprises.
(2) Heroes of performance theory, that is, to establish performance-oriented talent evaluation criteria.
"Performance" refers to the actual efficiency and effectiveness of employees'work. Performance fundamentally reflects the comprehensive ability of employees, and is the concentrated reflection of their moral performance and work practice ability.
"Hero" is Huayou's honorary title for "talent". All of them work hard for Huayou's cause.
The employees who contribute to the development of Huayou are all heroes respected and respected by the enterprises.
The hero of performance theory shows Huayou's talent evaluation criteria, that is, the basis of character and behavior, performance-oriented. Its significance lies in establishing the concept of performance of all employees, promoting the formation of the internal survival mechanism of the fittest, in order to pursue first-class post performance and achieve the improvement of the company's overall performance.
The hero of performance theory requires enterprises to take the comprehensive quality of employees and the actual performance of post work as the primary evaluation criteria in evaluating, selecting and promoting talents. Talents do not ask for their origins, they do not depend on their academic qualifications, and they do not depend on their qualifications. Everyone has the opportunity to become a talent and the possibility to become a talent. The key lies in whether he can achieve extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions.
Performance heroes require enterprises to implement performance-oriented management and timely feedback to employees on their personal performance. On the premise of setting clear enterprise development goals and departmental refinement goals, guide employees to set personal work goals and constantly improve their performance level.
Performance heroes require employees to treat their jobs with a pragmatic attitude, focusing on substantive results rather than formalization, objective facts rather than subjective judgments, positive contributions rather than slapping the horse, pragmatic pursuit and then not farsighted.
The hero of performance theory does not advocate "result-oriented" theory, nor ignores the choice of control and mode in the process. The goal of performance supremacy is to improve organizational effectiveness. In the process of pursuing outstanding performance, it takes into account fairness and efficiency, short-term performance and long-term development.