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1.Patents; As of the end of May 2019, the Company has obtained a total of 83 authorized patents, including 47 invention patents and 36 utility model patents; in addition, 25 other patents are under review; and the conversion rate of patent results is more than 95%.


2. The formulation of standards: Huayou is a key maker of industrial technical standards, having presided over or participated in the formulation of 88 national standards and industry standards, of which 56 standards have been promulgated, including: Method for Chemical Analysis of Cobalt Oxalate, Method for Chemical Analysis of Cobalt Oxide, and Method for Chemical Analysis of Cobalt, while the other 32 standards are still in the process of being approved or formulated.


3. Awards: the “research and application of the new refining technology for cobalt-copper oxide” was awarded with the third prize of 2011 Zhejiang Science and Technology Award; “key technology and industry demonstration on high-efficiency green manufacturing of li-ion battery materials with polymorphic cobalt resources” was awarded with the first prize of China non-ferrous metal industry science and technology award; the high-purity cobalt salt product of the Company was rated as “high-tech product of Zhejiang Province”; the cobalt tetroxide product was recognized as a key supported product of the national Torch Program; high-performance ternary precursor used for li-ion battery (NCM523) developed and industrialized was awarded with the third prize of “excellent industrial new product of Zhejiang Province”; the patient “a preparation method of large –particle- size and high-density spherical cobalt tetroxide” was awarded with the Gold Award of Patents of Zhejiang Province. In addition, the Company's products have also won multiple other titles, such as “Zhejiang Famous Brand” awarded by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang, and the “Gold Award of physical quality for non-ferrous metal products” granted by the Nonferrous Metals Association.




Aimed at gradually building itself into the industry’s leading cobalt-nickel new material technology development center